Technology now reigns supreme. You may use your phone to perform a variety of functions, whether it is looking up crucial information, getting directions, ordering food, shopping, counting your steps, and so much more. “There’s an app for that,” they say these days, and it’s completely accurate.

If you have a dog, there are a number of apps available that are designed exclusively for owners of canine friends. Of course, this does not imply that you must download each and everyone; otherwise, your phone would run out of storage capacity. Instead, concentrate on these seven options for the best dog applications, and choose the one that’s appropriate for you and your new puppy.

1. Chewy

Chewy offers a large selection of toys, snacks, medications, and other items that will almost definitely fulfil your needs at a reasonable price. It’s no wonder that this software has become a staple on the devices of all pet owners. It’s also incredibly well-designed and organized, with obvious categories, auto-ship orders, and your favourite things.

Your food can be delivered to your house on a regular basis, eliminating the need to go to the store whenever you run short. You will also receive a substantial discount if you subscribe.

2. Puppr

This app has been around for a long time and has only gotten better. It was even named an Editor’s Choice by Apple. The application is an excellent choice for training your dog. More than 70 lessons created by professional educators are available on Puppr. Each lesson includes clear written instructions as well as photographs and videos that show you how to carry out the lesson. In the app, your dog has its own profile, which you can use to track your advancement through all of the lessons.

They’ve turned training your dog into a game by awarding digital awards for completed classes. The programme also includes an in-app digital clicker for clicker training, as well as a catalogued shop with training goodies, equipment, crates, and other essentials that have been approved by reputable trainers.

3. Petcube

Petcube produces physical cameras and reward dispensers so you can keep in contact with your dog (or cat) while you’re on vacation. The most basic Petcube camera is designed to keep an eye on your dogs, while others come with reward dispensers that you can activate from anywhere. Monitor your dog, talk to them with the Petcube’s built-in microphone and speaker, and, of course, award them with a treat if they sit. It’s entertaining for you, enabling you to interact with them while you’re away, and they, of course, receive a treat!

4. Goodpup

This beautifully designed platform allows you to have one-on-one training sessions with certified, reviewed, and vetted trainers to get your dog to behave as well as possible. Lessons are held in real-time via video chat so that the trainer can observe how you’re training the dog and ensure you’re doing everything correctly. 

You can communicate with your trainer in between video sessions to get immediate solutions to frequent questions. The software provides flexibility in scheduling, so you can train your dog whenever you want. With the pandemic, training remotely is even more advantageous because you don’t have to leave your house or invite anyone in.

5. Whistle

Whistle is a hybrid activity tracker and locator for dogs in case they ever get out. This is important for city dog owners who can run through roads, as well as country dog owners who have no boundaries. Even the most well-trained dogs can get sidetracked and wander off.

The Whistle tag is attached to their collar and will automatically inform you if they leave their protected zone. That might be your own backyard or a neighbourhood dog park. Then you can relax knowing that your dog is safe and secure. If it flees, you’ll receive an alert and be able to track them down so you may safely return them to their home.

6. Doglog

DogLog is an app that allows dog owners to keep track of all of their dog’s critical information, receive notifications for things like vet appointments, and report daily or weekly events. You can also include family members to form a “pack” to look after the dog.

Create and track activities such as feeding, treats, walks, poop, urine, grooming, meds, and training. The individual who adds the event to the app is credited with doing it in packs. You may also register your pet’s vitals and follow their weight and temperature as they grow and age. If you or the vet need to study the data, it’s all accessible in the primary profile.

7. Dog Food Calc

Dog Food Calc is a comprehensive meal planner for dogs and cats. It is designed for raw-food diets like BARK or Prey, although it may also be used for cooked foods.

Start using the web app because it’s the simplest way to create a diet for your dog. Choose the items you’ll feed the dog, as well as the quantities of each. Then decide how many times a week you’ll include these in your pet’s diet. When you’re finished, Dog Food Calc will then calculate your dog’s nutrition, which will be broken down into subcategories like protein, lipids, minerals, and vitamins.

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