Why blockchain technology can be the game-changer for bolstering farming in India?

Agriculture is the backbone of livelihood for around 58 per cent of India’s population, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation, due to the country’s predominantly agrarian economy (IBEF). India’s agriculture sector is unquestionably one of the most vital, as one of the country’s greatest employment. However, unlike other industries, agriculture has been hesitant to adopt technology, albeit, in recent years, agritech companies have introduced tech-driven solutions to improve production, improve farmer standard of living, and boost agriculture in India.

How Machine Learning can be used with Blockchain Technology?

In recent times, blockchain technology has become increasingly popular. People can engage directly with each other through a highly secure and decentralized system, without the need for a middleman, thanks to this technology. Machine learning, in addition to its own strengths, can assist in overcoming many of the restrictions that blockchain-based systems face. These two technologies (Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology) when combined can produce high-performing and valuable solutions.