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About ‘The Wonk’

Breaking news is something most media platforms do; we, at The Wonk, believe in breaking down the news. With our endeavour of transforming the Indian media landscape, we strive to deliver content that is researched, reliable, and relevant. The world has reached Mars, thus making us believe in the endless possibility of extravagant milestones. Living in data-driven times when a single click or the slightest digital footprint can make or break a deal, we strive to paint the online media platform with pleasant colour.

 Our team aims to indulge the readers in meaningful literary and journalistic pieces. At a time when everyone is witnessing an influx of information and opinions, we see it as our responsibility to strike a balance between the apolitical and political aspects of a story. We believe that sensationalism and political inflammation have resulted in a tasteless dish of trolling, and therefore our team is careful about the sources we trust.

The fake news infodemic has resulted in a labyrinth of blame games and propaganda, but The Wonk realises the importance of pursuing information that is verified and fact-checked.

We focus on filtering stories that are relevant and truly impact society. We oppose trial by media and therefore do not try to force bias or opinions on our readers. The Wonk makes efforts to formulate and effectively present a wide range of opinions and leave it for the reader to decide what sense to make of a story. 

Our tactful trajectory of articles is lined up with pieces that target the curious cutlet in the reader. We have carefully narrowed down our work in nine major categories viz. Explained, Top 10, SciTech, Security, Business, Health, Environment, Society, and Talking Trends. Catering to the plethora of information available, we aim at serving justice to these categories. Soon, we will be able to introduce snippets to our platform, where we would briefly touch upon certain topics.  

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