India and Bangladesh will march down together on this Republic day to commemorate Liberation Day to strengthen strategic ties

“Together we fought, Together we march”

On this 72nd Republic day a contingent of 122 proud personnel of Bangladesh armed forces has departed for India,  and will participate in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi . A noteworthy C-17 globemaster aircraft has been sent to bring them for the R-Day parade. The Bangladesh squadron will honorably march down the roads of Rajpath and memory lane of the glorious 50 years of Liberation War (1971).

The Golden Jubilee will be the reminisce of the chivalrous moments when India and Bangladesh fought for the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971.

Bangladesh should be at the centre of India's diplomacy | Dhaka Tribune

On 16 December 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lit the Swarna Vijay Mashal to celebrate Vijay Diwas to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan during the 1971 War. Lt Col Quasi Sajjad Ali Zahir, a decorated army veteran from Bangladesh said, “Indian soldiers should also be considered as an important part of Mukti Bahini, as they also laid their lives to liberate Bangladesh.”

Mukti Bahini also known as Bangladeshi forces, was the resistance movement consisting of Bangladeshi military, paramilitary and civilians during the war of Liberation that transformed East Pakistan into Bangladesh. The series of events mark the diligent efforts towards strategic strengthening of international ties.

It is the third time in Indian history that any foreign military contingent has been invited to participate in the Republic day parade. Earlier, contingents from France and the UAE have participated in the Republic day Parades. Amidst border tensions with China and Nepal, this move of strengthening the bond with another bordering nation will definitely prove to be a major step for India. This congregation might be an indication of collaborative steps with regards to border security.

Though Republic Day parade would be a silent affair this year because of the pandemic and limited audience, Bangladesh and Indian forces’ alliance would be a big broadcast.

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