Apple is working towards multiple covers and cases for iPhone that can both house and charge AirPods.

If you are an Apple lover or use both the iPhone and the AirPods, then this article is definitely for you. Apple is now working towards giving more charging options to its customers. According to newly-granted patent filings, Apple is researching a number of unique iPhone cases that can charge AirPods, as well as other accessories. Apple has just been granted a patent for a new and interesting iPhone case that can both house and charge AirPods.

The patent, titled “Cases and folios for carrying and charging accessories” was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent shows the iPhone case in diagrams where a cavity on each side will house the earbuds to charge them. The designs show a solution to charging the earbuds on the go, especially when the AirPods charging case is entirely drained. 

Since 2018, the Cupertino based giant is charging Apple Pencil by magnetically connecting to the iPad Pro. In recent times, Apple seems to have more interest in the accessories field with Apple Watch straps and MagSafe accessories. Now it seems like Apple wants this charging idea by building separate cases and covers which may enable this or similar charging features.

iPhone case that can charge AirPods:

Apple has got the approval for its patent that shows an iPhone case with three different solutions for charging the AirPods. All the cases will be particularly designed in the way that there will be receptacles to hold the AirPods. However, the diagrams given in the patent shows three different positions for the iPhone case to hold AirPods.

Apple has filed three different embodiments of the iPhone case. One of the solutions where the charging will be done by placing the AirPods on the top of the case. The patent states that there will be a charging module on the top of the iPhone case along with a cavity on the sideways where each AirPods earbud will be housed. Another illustration shows that the flip cover of the iPhone will house the AirPods earbuds to charge them. 

Why this new feature?

It is important to note and understand that Apple now seems to be increasingly interested in its accessories segment. With this new feature and modern approach of charging AirPods from iPhone case, users are sure to get a consumer-friendly product, especially for users who frequently travel with both the devices.

But at the same time, we should also remember that most of the patents never enter the market and patent application does not necessarily prove that Apple intends to launch a real product as of now. Therefore, for now, we can just hope to see this patent by Apple come into reality soon for users to have a whole new experience.