Indian-American Vinay Reddy will now perform a crucial job of being a speechwriter in the White House in Biden administration. From his humble Indian roots to his significant position in the US – here we profile Vinay Reddy, the man behind Joe Biden’s inaugural address.

The United States of America is standing at a crucial juncture that would be definitely remembered as one of the most crucial moments in its history. On Wednesday, President-elect Joe Biden will give his first inaugural speech further laying out the details of his administration that will not only affect the US but also the entire world through its policies.

Inaugural speeches have long been a tradition in the US since 1789 when its first President George Washington first gave his inaugural address. These White house speeches are quite significant in America’s domestic politics as it further sets the tone of the administration – while paving the way for opposition politics throughout the course of that particular presidential term.

Unlike the Trump administration, Joe Biden is known and cherished for his inclusivity, and precisely that’s why he was able to win the elections despite multiple adversarial conditions. Following the tradition of encouraging the medley of diversity in the US – this time Joe Biden’s inaugural speechwriter is an Indian-American, Vinay Reddy. Earlier also, Vinay Reddy has served as a campaign writer for the Biden-Harris election campaign last year. Besides, he has also served as a chief writer for the then vice-president Joe Biden in the Obama administration.

Who is Vinay Reddy?

As far as the family background of Vinay Reddy is concerned, he originally belongs from Pothireddypeta of Hazurabad Mandal in Telangana. Following that, there is a wave of elation in his village – that their son has been chosen as speechwriting director in the White house. Vinay Reddy’s father migrated to the United States in the 1970s and became a doctor there. Apart from that, Vinay Reddy has also served as a chief speechwriter for the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

According to Telangana Today, Vinay Reddy’s father – Narayana Reddy has pursued his MBBS from Hyderabad while his grandfather has been the sarpanch of the village for around 30 years. Moreover, Vinay’s father and mother Vijaya Reddy use to visit their village every six months and have continued to maintain their bonds with their ancestral village.

Speechwriter’s job

The department of speechwriting is essentially one of the most significant departments in the White House because the utterances of the US president is being carefully heard by everyone across the globe. In sharp contrast to Donald Trump, Biden has been dependent on his long-term advisor and historian Mike Donilon along with historian and presidential biographer Jon Meacham for drafting his speeches.

Even Vinay Reddy has pursued his bachelor’s degree from Miami University and has done his double-majors in political science and philosophy along with being an alumnus from Ohio State University. Speechwriters have a tremendous job to perform – as they should know how to read the mind of the president that should fulfill the aspirations of the public in synchrony with the issues.

Jon Favreau has been one such speechwriter, who was able to portray Obama’s thinking and opinions in his writings.

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