On Twitter, Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker posted striking footage captured by the US Navy Department. The video clearly shows mysterious unidentified objects swarming above in the sky around a US Navy warship. At first, objects in the video were taken in 2019 but recently Pentagon confirmed that the videos are authentic.

The video was shot with some night vision recording equipment and the objects are in a triangular and pyramidal shape. These objects were hovering high above the deck of a US Navy destroyer.

“What’s presented here is genuine UFO / UAP footage – evidence – with impressive provenance. These are images and video shot by our US Military – during a variety of UAP encounters. Incursions – by Advanced Transmedium Vehicles of unknown origin – interacting and observing our Navy’s warships and fleet deployments in restricted airspace,” wrote Corbell on his blog.

Pentagon confirmation

Corbell released the footage on his social media accounts. The video was taken on the deployment of the USS Russell destroyer ship. Initially object hovering around the destroyer warship off the coast of southern California were described as drones. 

In a report submitted by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, a group initiated by the Defense Department is investigating unidentified objects that are encountering the US military said that the object in the video is behaving in ways that they did not expect.

The classified briefing leaked by Corbell mentions that they made a clear distinction that the objects in the video are not something owned by the military and do not belong to any foreign military. Objects are shaped non aerodynamically like pyramids and look like flying pyramids.

credit-Jeremy Corbell

UAP Task Force

The group was commenced by the Defence Department to launch an investigation in understanding the unidentified objects encountering around US military deployments around the world. The group is due in June to submit their report about the various unidentified objects being spotted.

The comprehensive report that needs to be submitted for Congress is gathering evidence such as photos and videos of UFO encounters with the United States military assets. The video of unidentified objects hovering around a destroyer in southern California was also part of the report.

The aim of the report is to educate military and intelligence officers about the nature of UFO. A few months back, more documents suffered in the form of ship logs that confirm aerial intruders spotted by the crew aboard on multiple warships in a restricted zone off the coast of southern California. 


According to some critics, objects spotted in the air around the US military destroyer are just some drones or balloons. Such critics in the past rejected the UFO angle brought by many independent investigators who access the records of photos and videos as their work.

But both the Navy and the Task Force listing the objects in the video as unknown and the US government agreeing their investigation in learning about the UFO adds weight to the arguments made by many people who believe in the existence of aliens.

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