Russia or Tom Cruise: Who’s going to be the hero in the first space movie?

Russia wants to be the first to shoot a movie in space. Tom Cruise is also in the race to become the first movie star to shoot a footage in the space. Let’s see who will be the first? Russians or Tom Cruise?

Russia is all set to shoot the first space movie in the world. In an official statement released by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, it was revealed that Russia is planning to become the first country in the international race to shoot a movie in space. This news came soon after when Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk were working on a project in partnership with NASA to shoot an action feature film out in space.

First space movie by Russia:

Yellow, Black and White studio, one of the largest production studios in Russia is to collaborate with the Russian space agency to shoot the first-ever movie in space with the working title ‘Vyzov’. Currently, the parties are discussing the details of the future movie, including the scenario, technical capabilities of the filming process, as well as the cast. 

“The plot will include a flight to the International Space Station (ISS) scheduled for autumn 2021 on the Russian Soyuz MS crewed spacecraft,” reads the statement. “The protagonist is to fly to the ISS, as well as his backup will be selected during an open contest.”

The title of the film is yet to be confirmed. Roscosmos is very clear about the purpose for which the movie is being made. The statement released by the Russian space agency reads that the movie is aimed to popularise Russia’s space activities and will glorify the cosmonaut profession.

Tom Cruise’s action in space:

Famed actor Tom Cruise is reportedly trying to film an action movie in space. News of a possible collaboration between Cruise and NASA was first announced in the month of May through NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. The details of the project aren’t clear, but Bridenstine says the film will take place aboard the International Space Station.

It is also reported that the Mission Impossible actor doesn’t even have a script for his upcoming history-making film to be shot in space, but still managed to convince Universal Pictures to shell out $200 million (nearly Rs 1500 crore) to produce it. Elon Musk will also be involved in the project through his SpaceX firm.

SpaceX has not confirmed its role in the film project, but Cruise could fly to the space station on the company’s Crew Dragon spaceship. The Crew Dragon is designed to carry up to four people to and from low Earth orbit, potentially room enough for Cruise, a small film crew, and a professional astronaut in command.

Cruise through this project is raising the stakes for himself higher than going into the orbit. Though for now there are only a few details available about the project and it’s difficult to know what exactly the actor would do while he’s up there in the space.

Who will win the race?

The recent announcement made by the Russian space agency has made it unclear for the audience- who actually is going to make the first space film. Russia wants to become the first country to shoot a movie in space while on the other hand a few months ago NASA announced its three-fold collaborative mission with SpaceX and actor Tom Cruise to make the first narrative feature film outside our planet earth.

The race between the space agencies of the two countries is soon going to take an interesting turn. While Russia is all set to shoot the world’s first space movie, NASA is still working on the project that it announced in May.

But, let’s not forget the fact that Russia is the only country that has the ability to transport people to and from the International Space Station.

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