Recently, NASA has marked a major milestone by flying a helicopter on mars for the first time. Not only NASA but the world is celebrating this huge achievement as it for the first time in the history that a controlled small miniature robot helicopter has performed a successful take-off and landing on Mars. But with this success, there comes a question: Why are we so obsessed with Mars? It is obvious that Mars always becomes the target for exploration because it is closest to us in our Solar System, but there’s another reason that makes people on Earth very much fascinated about Mars is the possibility to colonise the Red Planet.

Why are crazy about exploration to Mars?

Many experts believe that establishing a permanent colony of humans on Mars is not an option. It’s a necessity. The world is spending billions in order to perform expedition projects to Mars as the human race is to continue for another million years and therefore, we have to boldly take steps that could benefit mankind.

The only home that humans have ever known is Earth and that is why many scientists in the world believes that its important to create a possibility of life on another planet other than the blue dot as life here by no means is guaranteed. Don’t believe me, then answer, where are dinosaurs? The only trace of them today is in the fossilised form.

What will happen after a billion years on Earth?

Life on Earth is absolutely tough, the fittest here survives. But have you ever thought, with poor climatic conditions, no oxygen, no trees, rising temperature, lack of resources, will Earth be able to support and sustain life even after a billion years now? Various studies suggest that the oxygen-rich atmosphere of Earth may only last another billion years and after that no one really knows what’s going to happen. But the simplest assumption could be with no oxygen, there is no possibility of human life.

This is one of the biggest reasons, why the Red Planet has come to symbolise something more than simply space exploration—a hope for the future of humanity.

Discovering life on Mars: Is it worth it?

“Humans need to be a multi-planet species”

The above statement was said by Elon Musk, the founder of the space transport company, SpaceX. Apart from Musk, many other intelligent and bright brains believe that humans should be send on Mars instead of robot as humans can make discoveries at a much faster rate. It’s important to make discoveries of life on Mars and therefore we humans have not given a moment’s peace to mars in past few years.

Putting humans on the other planet is considered as a better option by many as this ensure our existence to thousands if it’s not going to be millions.

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