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Twitter, in its survey, asked users to choose the least and most important feature from the potential features list.

The micro-blogging platform Twitter is coming up with a paid subscription plan with new features like video publishing, badges, undo send button, and auto-responses. A survey by the company listed the potential features it could add to paid subscriptions. 

Earlier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the platform was looking for a subscription model. The model is at a very early stage of development. He added that the company is looking at other options to generate income.

Tech Crunch reported that Twitter has started a new survey to evaluate options for the subscription model. Social media consultant Matt Navarra posted the survey on the platform. The company is building a subscription model with a team codenamed Gryphon.

This year, the company may run some tests to check different approaches. The idea behind the subscription model is to diversify the platform’s sources of revenue. Dorsey told CNN that he has “ a really high bar for when we would ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter”.

“We are also in the early stages of exploring additional potential revenue product opportunities to compliment our advertising business. These may include subscriptions and other approaches, and although our exploration is very early and we do not expect any revenue attributable to these opportunities in 2020 you may see tests or hear us talk more about them as our work progresses,” said Twitter in its Q2 letter to shareholders.

The conducted survey suggests that the tools could be added to the subscription model but may not reflect the features Twitter could have in the future.

The survey gave users the option to choose the least important or most important among the potential features included in the list.


The potential features included in the survey list are badges, which represent the users’ profession. The badge on the profile of a user will link to the company they own or work for. For example, software engineering from Google can have a badge showing the company.

“Undo send” button

 The ‘undo send’ button will give users the option to withdraw/recall any tweet within a 30-second window. However, this is not the edit button feature that the fans have been asking for. But it is a close feature to the edit button where users can recall/withdraw the tweet before anyone views it.

Video publishing

With the video publishing feature, users can upload and publish videos 5 times longer and with a video resolution of up to 8192×8192.

Custom colours

Users can now choose from additional themes rather than the existing night mode with the custom colours feature. The feature allows users to choose a whole new background colour along with the theme of their choice. Also, links, mentions, hashtags, and icons can be coloured using the feature.

Auto responses

Twitter users can set up a pre-message and send them as replies in tweets, messages, etc using the auto-response feature.

Social Listening

This feature will help users see conversations around their accounts. People, businesses, what are they talking about, what are they saying and volume of conversation can be seen through the account.

Brand Surveys

This feature offers a survey option for brands with an aim to survey users about ads and understand people’s perspective towards a product or service shown in the ad. For example, whether or not they want to buy the product, if not why etc.

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