The majority of the top 1000 Instagram Influencers from India were women. Food Influencers managed to get the highest engagement. Find out more interesting findings further!

2020 is ending. We definitely hope it does not extend its tentacles to 2021. 

The year was all about the lockdown and the trends that transcended boundaries. From Dalgona coffee to standing up for social causes together, the world saw it all. But, what happened in the Indian influencer market.  

Seriously influencers, again? Yes, again! The influencer market is thriving and I will keep repeating it. Initially, the condition for the influencers in India was very dicey. With the sudden world crisis that happened around 95 percent of Indian influencers expected earnings to be badly affected (as revealed in a report by marketing platform Zefmo). A lot of contracts were canceled, there was a huge delay in payments, and more. There was an issue with content creation as the digital content creators would now have to shoot, edit, and present the content without much professional help or facilities while remaining confined to their spaces. However, most of them sailed through it and were able to give us quality content still. 

I am sure you must have seen enough of spotify’s “Wrapped” by now. Let us look at some influencer market wrap up. 

Instagram influencers’ wrap up 2020:

Wrapping up the year 2020,, an AI-driven influencer marketing platform, revealed the top 1000 Instagram influencers in India. Alongside, the plethora of findings, one of the significant points was the number of female influencers that occupied the list. The majority of the top 1000 Instagram Influencers from India were women. Women happened to ace the top 1K Instagram influencers and beat men by 50 percent (almost) more in numbers. The reach and engagement factor was also taken into account. The reach of men Instagram influencers was recorded to be 1200 million, whereas, the women had an unparalleled reach of around 1700 million. The engagement rate was near about the same with a slightly better rate for the men. Men had an engagement rate of about 5 percent as compared to women influencers who had an engagement rate of 4 percent. Both men and women influencers drove quality engagement by 82 percent. 

Women influencers clearly outperform men influencers in the year 2020. The report tried to list out the top 10 female instagram stars of 2020 for us. The most popular female Instagram Influencer was Shradha Kapoor with 57.2 million followers. Next up in the line was Deepika Padukone with a following of 52.4 million. With all the wedding buzz and people jamming and making reels on her wedding song “Nehu Da Vyah”, Neha Kakkar grabbed the position of the fourth largest Instagram influencer in India. 

The average engagement rate of the top ten female influencer list was 4 percent. Anushka Sharma drove the highest engagement with 6.7 percent. The cumulative reach of the top listed female influencers was 452 million, with the quality audience being 388 million at 84 percent average.

Coming to the male Instagram influencers, Virat Kohli ruled the list with a following of 83.7 million followers. However, his engagement felt short as compared to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The latter had an engagement rate of 10.98 percent as opposed to Kohli’s 1.84 percent. Quite a difference there! Next in the line was the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi with 50 million followers. Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan, MS Dhoni, Shahid Kapoor, and Kapil Sharma were the others who occupied a position in the list. 

The highest quality engagement was enjoyed by food bloggers/influencers. It was roughly around 88 percent while education, finance, and career influencers cumulatively receive 85%. The most engaging influencers’ list was topped by Ronit Ashra (32.92 percent), Dhanashree (24.69 percent), and Ratan Tata (22.83 percent). 63 percent of India’s leading Instagram influencers operate in the entertainment category. Sports, lifestyle, cinema, and actors – gained the maximum traction in 2020.

I hope aspiring artists and influencers are taking due notes about the trends and will be able to pick up better strategies in 2021.

By Anukriti Khemka

Anukriti Khemka is the Digital Ninja of The Wonk. She handles all the digital needs of The Wonk. She also writes for her column "Talking Trends". She loves to analyse digital trends and make sense out of them.

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