Here is a list of a few Indian traditional foods that you can add to your menu this Diwali.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Diwali? Sweets and delicious food, right? Diwali is just not a festival of light but is also a festival of flavours. In India, a festival means wearing new clothes, decorating the whole house, having fun with loved ones, and relishing tons of food items. 

The festival of Diwali is incomplete without sweets, but apart from sweets there also exists a diversity of snacks that are traditionally prepared for celebrating Diwali with full spirit. Food turns to be an essential part of Diwali as many people use this occasion to satisfy their taste buds. Diwali is never complete without some traditional Indian dishes. So, here are some popular traditional Indian foods that you can include in your Diwali menu this year.

1. Moong dal ka halwa:

Diwali offers you the best time to serve yourself and your family with the season’s best hot and delicious moong dal ka halwa. The delectable combination of moong dal cooked in desi ghee makes it the ideal dessert you want to snuggle with this Diwali. India and its love affair with ‘Halwa’, needs no introduction.

This Rajasthani ever so-versatile Moong dal ka halwa can be one of your go-to favourite this Diwali. It can also be perfect for serving to your guests during this festive season. Just go and get the recipe here.

2. Mawa kachori:

Mawa kachori is a popular delicacy of Rajasthan that is made with dry fruits and khoya stuffing dipped in sugar syrup. Perfect for Diwali. This dish can make a great dessert for this Diwali. Mawa Kachori is the sweet kachori that defies all stereotypes with its crunch. Stuffed with mawa and nuts, and dunked in sugar syrup, what else you need to satisfy your cravings for sweets. You should definitely try this dish and it to your menu this Diwali. Just go and get the recipe here.

3. Moti Pak:

Rajasthan and Gujarat are popular for Moti Pak which is prepared with chickpea flour, khoya, and sugar. This popular sweet reminds us of motichur ke laddoo. This sweet dish can actually be your go-to recipe this festive season as it very easy to make but its taste is absolutely delicious. You can check its recipe here.

4. Masala peanuts:

Masala peanuts are a crunchy little piece of happiness. Masala peanuts are spicy and crunchy, chickpea flour coated and fried peanuts that tends to be a fabulous snack. These are really easy to make at home and can even be stored for a long time. This can be your must-have snack during Diwali as with so many sweets, these masala peanuts can actually help you keep a balance with the theekha-meetha combination. Here is how you can make them.

5. Dry fruits Sandesh:

This Bengali dessert can be the perfect item that you can include in your “sweet dish list” for this Diwali. Sandesh is a luscious milk-based dish filled with the goodness of dry fruits, perfect for festive seasons. Some people in the region of Dhaka call it ‘pranahara’ which literally means “heart-stealer” and I believe it is definitely not an overrated fact to state so.

A steamed Sandesh is a good option to prepare for Diwali this season and relish along with family and friends. Check the recipe here.

6. Other traditional Indian foods for Diwali:

India is known for its food. Indians have so much diversity in their food that it is not possible for us to even count the number of food items we have. There are many other food items that can be tried this Diwali season. Some of them are:

Chiraunji ki barfi, samosa, anarsa, karanjis, shakarpare, gulgule, atta laddoo, gujjiya, son papdi, onion bhaji, gulab janum, singal, sooji halwa, paneer tikka, rice Kheer, gajar ka halwa, rasgulla, batasha, etc.