McDonald’s about to launch its new plant-based meat alternative “McPlant” line in 2021. This is a trial project with the potential of expanding.

The burger war is huge and both the competitors won’t be shying away from presenting their best products and techniques. Say hello to McDonald’s McPlant, the ultimate competition to Burger King’s ‘Impossible whopper’. McDonald’s has announced that it would be testing its new plant-based burger in selected markets starting in 2021, before expanding to other regions. Would anyone be willing to eat McPlant? Guess, McDonald’s will give us the answer by 2021.

McDonald's is launching a plant-based McPlant burger | Fortune

There has been a rise in people accepting vegan and vegetarian food. With various speculations around the consumption of meat during the pandemic, there has been a change in the eating habits of a lot of consumers. After testing a plant-based burger in some international markets, “We have created a delicious burger that will be the first menu option in a plant-based platform,” said Ian Borden, president of McDonald’s (MCD) International. McDonald’s said under its McPlant line, it could offer products including burgers, chicken substitutes, and breakfast sandwiches.

The company tried a plant-based burger using Beyond Meat patties last year in Canada. However, the company has denied responding on which suppliers it’s working with for the McPlant line.

McDonald’s is willing to accept its “comfort food strategy”. Creating food that is not exquisite but focusing on its most popular menu items and selling more chicken. “Demand for the familiar in these uncertain times is more important than ever,” McDonald’s said in its investor update. 

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Some may argue that this is just another big corporation move to greenwash their brand and make it look healthy. After all, McDonald’s has been criticised on multiple occasions for the unhealthy food that it sells and how it is responsible for obese kids to quite some extent. However, giving credit where it is due, this move is definitely welcomed. 

There have been speculations about how this will be marketed. Its direct competition, Burger King marketed its infamous ‘The Impossible Whopper’ for carnivores who are trying to cut down on meat consumption as vegetarians and vegans. McDonald’s might follow the same lead. However, we all definitely await the quirky comeback that it will surely have against its rival. 

Burger King vegan Impossible Whopper to roll out across US - Business  Insider

A lot of scientists have outrightly declared that a reduction in meat consumption would help a lot in saving our planet from environmental damages. To do so, we need to be mindful of our meat consumption habits. For now, a vegan burger by a very popular people’s brand should be helpful. 

This is not all that McDonald’s has to offer. It will be innovating in its packaging too. It claims to come up with a “modern, refreshing feel.” Taking note of the pandemic, that people would like to eat at homes rather than in the outlets, the accessible packaging will come in handy for the brand. Innovation in order pickup and delivery is something that the brand is committed to just like other corporations. In addition, it’s launching a new digital hub called “MyMcDonald’s,” which will include a new loyalty program.

McDonald’s suffered early in the pandemic, but its sales have been improving. As they say, ‘nature is healing’.