world's biggest covid 19 vaccine
World’s Biggest COVID 19 Vaccine

The world’s biggest COVID 19 vaccine study has started in the United States with the first set of 30,000 planned volunteers helping to test vaccine shots made by Moderna. The U.S. vaccine is one of several vaccine programs around the globe to create a world’s biggest COVID 19 vaccine.

The volunteers who receive the shots won’t have an idea if they are getting real shots or dummy versions. Scientists will then give two doses, then closely track the group, which is experiencing more infections when they go out for their daily routine, mainly in infection spread locations.

The experimental vaccine, developed by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc, still has no guarantee of whether it will work.

“Unfortunately for the United States of America, we have plenty of infections right now” to get that answer, said NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci to The Associated Press.

world's biggest covid 19 vaccine made by Moderna

The World’s biggest COVID 19 vaccine was made in Savannah, Georgia by Moderna. The Moderna vaccine is backed by $955 million in government funding. The vaccine will be tested in 89 locations around the United States.

The vaccine uses messenger RNA, a synthetic form of genetic material taken from the virus then designed to nudge the body’s immune system into attack mode against the virus. The company is on its way to creating 500 million doses of the vaccine by 2021 if the trials show positive results.

The trial results of the Moderna vaccine are expected by November or December. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the results could come as early as October if the trials are conducted quickly with high caseloads.

Nearly two dozen vaccine programs are underway around the world to create a vaccine as early as possible. While most of these vaccines are in the developing stage, some are under trial. 

The Oxford University vaccine which recently showed positive results in human trials and the China vaccine, which claims to show good results, has started final stage testing in Brazil and other hard-hit nations.

The US has set its own bar regarding the testing of any vaccine to be used in the country. The government-funded COVID-19 Prevention Network will roll out a new study of each candidate with nearly 30,000 new volunteers.

world's biggest covid 19 vaccine

This massive study will help scientists study each potential vaccine’s safety and help them compare all shots. The Oxford vaccine will conduct its final study in August, followed by plans to test people by Jhonson & Johnson in September.

Novavax will start its trials in October if it goes according to schedule. Pflizer Inc. is in plans to do its own 30,000 people study of the trails.

Developing a new vaccine from scratch takes years, but the present COVID-19 pandemic which has no cure speed up the scientists. The vaccine is the world’s best hope again for the present pandemic which locked down humans across the globe.

There was no coronavirus before last December, however, as the vaccine started prevailing and China shared the virus’ genetic sequence vaccine makers jumped into action on January 10. 

In just 65 days, the NIH-made vaccine was tested on people in March, which encouraged scientists around the world. The first stage of Moderna, which includes 45 volunteers, showed the immune system boosted in such a way that scientists think will be protective against the virus. 

Meanwhile, minor side effects such as brief chills, fever, and pains at the injection site were shown. Similar to other leading vaccine creators that had similar reactions.