Wolfgang Schäuble, a towering figure in German politics for over five decades, died yesterday, December 26, 2023, at the age of 80. This CDU stalwart held pivotal roles as President of the Bundestag, Finance Minister and Head of the Chancellery, leaving an indelible mark on German history.

Born in 1942, Schäuble’s rise was meteoric. A close confidante of Chancellor Kohl, he played a key role in reunifying Germany in 1990. As Finance Minister during the eurozone crisis, his advocacy for austerity earned him both praise and criticism. Yet, his dedication to fiscal responsibility and public service remained unwavering.

Schäuble’s final act was defending German democracy as Bundestag President. Retired after a record 49 years in parliament, he left behind a complex legacy. Admired for his intellect and work ethic, yet contested for his conservative views. Regardless, Wolfgang Schäuble will be remembered as a icon of German politics, leaving an enduring legacy on the nation.