A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake rocked central Japan on 01 January 24 afternoon, unleashing devastation across the nation. The tremor centred in Nagano Prefecture, sent shockwaves rippling through major cities like Tokyo and Osaka leaving a trail of collapsed buildings, cracked roads and widespread power outages.

A total of 155 hits has been happened since the first tremor started.

At least 48  people have been confirmed dead, with the number expected to rise as search and rescue teams reach hard-hit areas. 

Over 100,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes, seeking refuge in temporary shelters set up in schools, sports halls and public buildings. Emergency crews from across Japan are tirelessly working alongside international teams, battling against time and debris to locate survivors and provide critical medical assistance. Tsunami warnings in North-Central Japan prompted panic as residents in coastal areas fled to higher ground.

Offers of assistance have poured in from around the world, with nations like the United States, neighbouring Asian countries and international organizations pledging support. Rescue teams, emergency supplies and financial aid are being mobilized to help Japan in its recovery efforts. The international community stands united in offering solidarity during this time of immense hardship. Japan stock market has been closed.