Every year, billions of tons of trash, waste and other pollutants enter the ocean, damaging marine life severely. Where does this waste go? Some of the debris ends up on beaches, washed in with the waves and tides. Where does it come from? Different source, but you and I are the common link. 

So, as the world celebrates World Oceans Day today, here are five Indian zero-waste brands that will not only help you be vocal for local, but let you feel good about yourself for doing your bit.

Karke dekho, accha lagta hai!


Plastic toothbrushes are a big part of our plastic waste story. 

One billion toothbrushes are thrown away annually in the United States alone, according to a report by Foreo. This is 50 million pounds of waste added to landfills.

But the greener options are right in front of your eyes, and one of them is Terra. 

This India brands sells a range of toothbrush made out of recycled bamboo.

Earth’s Sake

For earth’s sake, don’t be so harsh on Mother Earth! (That’s right, here’s another unsolicited pun you read on the internet today.)

Earth’s Sake also sells wooden toothbrushes, along with handmade soaps, straws, stationery supplies, face masks, and other utility products. 

Bare Necessities

This brand makes skin and personal care handmade products that are not only good for the environment and your skin, but also smell so good. 

Bonus: Bare Necessities also offers online courses and e-books on zero waste education.

Earth Rhythm

Another personal care brand is Earth Rhythm. They offers shampoo and conditioner bars, soaps, tooth brush, wooden soap stands and other utility and personal care products. 


While it’s a great thing to hop on to greener and sustainable products, what about the ones you have been using so far? 

Waste management is a huge problem that has gone unacknowledged in our country. 

Mumbai-based Skrap provides an end-to-end process of waste management at events and offices.