jio glass price, and launch in india

Reliance Jio during the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) launches a mixed reality enabled smart glass called Jio Glass. This gadget will help users connect with the world around them, virtually. The company did not reveal the Jio Glasses price or launch details of the product. During the event, a demo was shown about how the Jio Glass.

Recently Company also launches its video conferencing product called Jiomeet.

Google introduced the concept of digital glass a few years back. The new glasses, revealed by Jio aim to grow its presence in virtual reality and capitalize on the growing remote working culture in India.

“Jio Glasses price in India 2020 comes with a convenient cable that you can attach to your phone and thus connect to the internet. It is a cutting edge of the technology that provides best in class mixed reality service,” said President Kiran M Thomas, Reliance Jio Infocomm at the event.

Thomas added, “ Hello Jio, Please call Aakash and Isha.” Then the glasses called Aakash and Isha. A 3-D avatar of Aakash joined the call while Isha in using a 2D video call interference. During the call, it was shown how Jio Glass participating in the meeting simple and interactive.

jio glass 3d

Jio Glass is a cutting edge technology that will provide users with the best-in-class mixed realty services with the true meaning of immersive experience, Kiran Thomas noted.

The Jio glasses price in India is weighed around 75 grams and needs to be connected to a smartphone via cable to power it. According to RIL the interface of the glass will have 25 in-built apps that allow augmented reality video meetings and other virtual features.

Jio collaborated with Google to develop the product. Google glass product which was released earlier never went out on a sale.  

Jio glass in india

The Jio Glass features in India 2020 shown during the event had a camera in the middle. In addition, two smart glasses and an in-built speaker with a battery tucked inside the legs. The glasses support HD quality video and all standard audio formats.

Mixed Reality will allow users to attend video conference calls. A user can join a video call using their 3-D avatar or a regular 2D video call format. Users can share and view content on a giant virtual screen similar to the Oculus VR headset.

The year 2020, the expected Jio Glass price in India is around Rs 37,000 to Rs 40,000 per unit. Though the company did not discuss voice commands, during the demonstration Thomas used his voice to give commands to the product.

jio glass price
Source- Reliance AGM

Big tech giants such as Facebook, Apple, etc are trying to make a breakthrough in developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based products. Companies have invested tens of billions in the last decade yet couldn’t create any magic in their products.

Apple’s Glass, Facebook’s Occult, Google‘s AVR, and Microsoft’s HaloLens are some of the projects by these companies which are in various stages of development. Yet a major breakthrough in the field is awaited.

Competition among these giants is huge as the one who creates successful VR products will be able to cut into the future business with hegemony and rule it. The launch of Jio glasses price in India 2020 tells us a similar story of Reliance Industries being an Indian technological giant.