It is a fine sunday afternoon. You are surrounded by people you love the most. Some music is playing in the background. All of you are jamming and the sound of it is just perfect. You record this vibe. You want people to know about this love of yours. You record the song but alas, no one ever finds it in the heap of spotify playlists, sad, isn’t it? 

As an artist, it takes a lot of courage to put your content out there. Your talent is in a lot of ways directed by numbers and sometimes it is overwhelming. I understand because whenever I put out any piece of mine, I sit anxiously thinking about it. To get over it, one needs to stay ahead of the curve. So a little piece of advice from this bathroom singer to the amazing artists and artist management companies out there. You can give PlaylistSupply a try.

It is a music-based research tool and yes, it should sound music to your ears. You can export playlists of all sizes and be ahead of your competition on the research curve. Ultimately, providing better chances for your music. They have recently updated their version and conceptually it makes work very easy for the music industry. 

If you are someone who manages artists from the music industry, you must be knowing the pain of independent playlisting and those shady third-party playlisting. 

“After seeing many other managers struggle with playlisting I created an automated tool for playlist research. I wanted to make the process more accessible to myself, my friends, and indie artists who may not have a team, label, or budget.” – Benjamin Stein, CEO of PlaylistSupply.

There are a lot of scam-like “playlist networks” which prey on new talent and sometimes even veterans fall prey to it. 

The tool is super effective for niche genres and anyone looking to increase their Spotify traffic. The tool is built to include complex algorithms to find playlists faster and more efficiently. If you are looking at building a fan base that actually appreciates your music, you should check out this tool.

Some of the many features that they provide are:

Keyword Search: Find artists from your niche and expand through the proper usage of keywords.  

Advance Playlist Analysis: View playlist data like follower count, contact info, and owner name. 

Contact Finder: They have a direct contact research tool integrated to track down email and curators’ contact info. 

When asked, why search for playlists? This is what they had to say.

  • Playlists are the new era of music recommendations. Reaching out to the right curators and playlist owners is one of the most important steps in developing a real fan base or growing an existing one. It’s the seed that allows for organic online growth.

They are a helpful bunch who are open to clear your doubts. You can check the tool’s upgraded version and understand it better here. 

Being an artist is hard but don’t let problems stop you. If you are an artist and you are working on something interesting, don’t forget to mail us!