Mountains or beaches? I am a mountain girl, so I have my prejudices. The chilly weather, the enchanting sceneries, the down to earth locals and obviously the amazing tea. Interesting personal fact: I come from the “Tea City of India”. Needless to say I love pouring tea in my column.  

If you can leave your ‘9 to 5’ world without fearing about your finances, take my word, stay in a small town close to the mountains. The world whispers ‘Simplicity’. Let me know if you agree on this that luxury does not need to shout complexity for it to make room. Simplicity in luxury brands is the way forward. No one likes that unnecessary fuss. Just imagine, getting a delivery with unnecessary packaging material: definitely not a responsible brand! 

Simple & Responsible luxury

Luxury that has a conscience. Not too greedy, just the perfect tint. Responsible luxury is being responsible for the various aspects of the society that are responsible for your existence. Companies tend to depend on Corporate social responsibility (CSR) only for that. However, over the recent course of time, a lot of brands have started undertaking different programmes and understood their responsibilities even better. 

One such thoughtful brand that is owning up to what they do is the homegrown brand Pahadi Local. A big thank you to Pahadi Local for providing our team at The Wonk with a lovely package of their products. We can’t wait to incorporate them into our daily routine.


“Our philosophy imbibes luxury in simplicity. Here, luxury can be understood as having this very access to the mountains at your doorstep.” 

Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local aims to give back as much as they can to the regions of the source through various green initiatives, cooperative structures, and fair pricing.

Let us look at some of their initiatives which on some grounds can be a base model for you to re-think your stakeholders and how can you give them back. 


Through this project, they aim on giving back to the people and to regions of source in areas of development of land, workforce, and vocation. One of the most common and debated problems with brands such as these are related to pricing. Pahadi local is committed to fair pricing, one that allows the local source to reap the reward of their product benchmarking. They are committed to investing in their people. Pahadi Local also operates in cooperative structures that paves a path to development and betterment. In January 2018, they completed their first Pahadi Empower project by building solar panel heating systems in the community centre in Leh. This centre is used by the women self-help groups who collect their tea leaves through the summer months.


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The key to any brand is to procure, produce, ship and deliver to the stakeholders in a fashion that is beneficial for all the parties involved. Pahadi local began with the ‘Pahadi reserve’ initiative for its patrons.

Pahadi Local gifts you the feeling and culture of the mountain wrapped in a box and I am not kidding. From authentic Gutti Ka Tel (Apricot Kernel Oil) to Markalak (mineral-rich Himalayan Powders) to Pahadi chai and pure honey. They have it all. They have a special Pahadi regimen and a Pahadi ritual section that is exquisitely designed for thoughtful gifts. This Diwali switch to conscious gifting. If you try any of their products, use these hashtags on social media #goodnessofthehills #pahadipreserve, and don’t forget to tag us.