Things can be overwhelming currently, especially if you are under quarantine. It is tough to stay positive during such times and toxic positivity does not work out quite well. People understand how times are crucial and how kind helping hands are the need of the hour. After all, nothing is better than a home-cooked meal, a care package and a personalised handwritten note. 

Quarantine hampers have been quite a trend across regions in India. The hampers usually contain home-cooked meals or grocery items with basic meal preparation for people quarantining. A lot of organisations and individuals have come forward the provide such facilities to people in need. 

A week back, Dr Neena Sondhi, took over LinkedIn to talk about her daughter in law’s initiative of home-cooked meals and small notes that she addresses to people in need. The post got a lot of appreciation on LinkedIn, The post reads: 

“A ray of hope and goodwill: This is my Daughter in law Ankita Sahay, a young professional working from home at Bangalore and caught unaware by a lockdown. With no help and no opportunities to keep herself engaged, except for work. This is what she has initiated, on social media she reached out to fellow residents in Bangalore who are ill/Old/Alone/Helpless as they deal with illness or loss of help and hunger. She makes food for them-seen here, packs and sends through Dunzo. Personalizes it with little messages of hope and sometimes a smile of good cheer with Gems for the Kids in these families. In two days, she has reached out and got additional women who volunteered to cook. She is all geared up to now increase the help she can dole out. When I feel desolate at the dark clouds and despair as people fight struggle and sometimes succumb to the deadly virus and those black marketeers who are like vultures ready to fleece you in case the Virus does not. My heart is embalmed when I see such gestures. Makes me believe that humanity is not lost. So, folks, we do not always need Big Firms to take initiatives, as they say, humanity and charity begins at home. So let’s do our bit, the world needs lots of Ankita’s at this moment to heal repair and emerge victorious.” 

Societies are now launching free meal options for COVID-19 patients in home isolation. A group of residents of Ghaziabad’s Crossings Republik took up an initiative to help the Covid-19 positive persons. 

“We all have families at home, and we take every precaution when serving food to patients. In these times of crisis, we must rely on one another. We will continue to provide free food until our society is free of Covid-19 patients,” Ujjwal said to India Today. 

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