In the health and wellness arena, Sajeev Nair and Aditya Narayan are pioneering one of the subcontinent’s first metaverses. The ecosystem is known as ‘Limoverse’ aims to connect millions of people and thousands of professionals from all over the world. 

Metaverse’s future concept has always been at the heart of the organisation. Limoverse is a Metaverse where individuals can live, connect, heal, and recover while also contributing to the world outside of the metaverse. It’s become a term in the industry, with companies like Facebook putting a lot of emphasis on it. The founder, Sajeev Nair, has predicted that Metaverse will be the next great thing for years. Limoverse was created following extensive research into all aspects of health and wellness. In a nutshell, it takes a novel strategy to overcome time and space as barriers to connecting to anything.

Consider a doctor or researcher conducting advanced meditation research at a foreign university. He/she wants to learn more about ancient science, meditation, and its practical consequences from a living expert who has been practising it for years. Rather than listening to generic speeches and unspecific content on the internet that may or may not be relevant for his or their deep research job, individuals can directly contact domain doyens in Limoverse.

All of the experts and masters will be offering their insights on nuances, engaging personally with the researcher, and participating in study work despite being thousands of kilometres distant. Limoverse also includes live sessions, augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology that will allow people’s thoughts to be illuminated. LIMO Tokens can be awarded to the Masters. These are assets that may be obtained by entering Limoverse and actively participating in the ecosystem.

Limo tokens are ‘utility tokens’ with intrinsic value within the ecosystem. The engagement and exchange that takes place within the Limoverse creates, enhances, and multiplies its value.

Limos can be earned by volunteering time, donating experience, and assisting with skills to improve the ecosystem. EPLIMO, a highly complete health data set produced from genetic and metabolic studies and kept in highly secure private blocks, is at the heart of this eco-system. Limo tokens can be earned even by providing health data with reputable universities and academics. Limoverse is designed on a decentralised blockchain, giving consumers complete control over how their genetic data is utilised.

Sajeev Nair, the company’s founder, is a well-known wellness enthusiast and biohacker. People have been inspired by him to take control over their own biology. He created Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification, a highly scientific method for hacking one’s own body and mind (EPLIMO). Based on the genetic and metabolic analysis, this gives a highly tailored lifestyle management approach. To create an EPLIMO report, the data is connected using AI. Many health and wellness practitioners have found this method to be quite beneficial in personalising their services. While an EPLIMO may be used by a dietician to produce a highly individualised nutrition plan, a fitness trainer can personalise exercises, and a medical specialist can use the same data to develop personalised medication.

Limoverse is a fantastic chance to bring together all of these health and wellness practitioners and institutions in one decentralised ecosystem, where practitioners may provide highly individualised solutions to customers who grant them access to their data. This ecosystem was designed on blockchain to guarantee high levels of security for clients’ personal health data and to provide a decentralised environment for practitioners.

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