Happy Social Media day or what our parents like to call it “Ghus jaa; haan ghus jaa iss phone mein” Day. From your ‘feeling lonely with 5 others’ on Facebook stage to voicing your opinion against the injustice stage, it has seen quite a lot with you. Scavenging your crush’s profile, goggling over food videos, bookmarking those exercises thinking that someday you will do it, dissecting memes, supporting & dissenting decisions and so much more. Now – a – days, happy social life is a must.

social media

Hold your optimistic horses for a moment! Social Media can be as lethal & toxic as your ex. I am not even exaggerating but this conversation is for some other day. Today, on June 30 we talk about how Social Media is the heart of today’s global communication and the unique brand race that it has embedded within itself. Let’s talk about the sort of messages in circulation on this Social Media Day.

With fake news, political propaganda & opinions misinterpreted as facts, trending on Social Media, a lot of individuals, creators, and organizations have come forward to talk about self-scrutiny. Self-scrutiny in the form of checking on what information we are consuming and checking on information that we share. We love validation and we won’t accept this fact very easily. Social Media rewards your act of posting terms of likes, comments, and re-shares. While this looks like a healthy model, too much of it has ill effects on our mental well-being. Fake news is one of the biggest challenges. Companies like Facebook have been thrashed in the past for the same.

Platforms are carefully evaluating this and have come up with various techniques. Like, Instagram marking information as false, WhatsApp allowing shares only to a maximum of five people and more. I would recommend you to watch the below video by ‘Vitamin Stree‘.

Some choose to pick up the serious issues of Social Media and some just love to show their fun side to the world. Days like these come as a bonus to brands looking to interact with their crowd. There are tips, giveaways and more that floods the feed. Well, a celebration is a celebration, right?

 Your Social Media search history, chats and bookmarks have seen you more than your friends at times. So, a small pat to our friend over here who keeps us connected, amplifies our opinions and helps us see a new reality everytime. Social media is a virtual reality that is still a dream for many. Social media is still a luxury to different sectors. While I am not in a position to guide you how we can help them directly, I can surely recommend that we use it wisely and lend this voice whenever possible to people who need it. 

 While you go back to scrolling, I go back to helping mum figure out Instagram. Again! (crying intensifies)