Google never fails to keep its users in suspense. Rumours tipped a few specifications for the upcoming Google Pixel 4a

Some reports have suggested that Google’s Pixel 4a will be unveiled during the Google I/O conference held in May. However, due to the coronavirus, the event was cancelled. Even in the last two months, there has been no clarity about when Google will launch its new budget phone. Finally, we have a date announced, and it is very near.

Google has finally confirmed the launch of its new Google Pixel 4a on August 3. Google updated its social media pages to tease the audience about the new launch. In the poster, the company didn’t unveil the exact picture of the mobile, however, the mobile looks like a mid-range model.

A new special page has been added to the Google Store where you will find a puzzle. The puzzle is based on ‘lorem ipsum’, describer of placeholder web pages. On solving the puzzle, the launch date August 3 will pop out and the mobile tagline – “The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”.

To figure out if the new mobile is Pixel 4a, first, we have to look at Google’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The dot on the side indicates the punch-hole camera along with “The Google Phone” written in between. 

The store page has the “Lorem Ipsum” paragraph, this text is often used in the publishing industry as a placeholder text. Words such as ‘lowlight’, ‘capture’, ‘blur’, ‘megapixel’ ‘bokeh’ and ‘long-lasting battery’ are hint words written in the paragraph. These words are the features of the Pixel 4a to be unveiled on the launch day.

Google pixel mobiles usually have a strong camera, and the Pixel 4a may also have one. The price of the new model is expected to be much less than the standard Pixel 4. Rumours suggest the mobile price would be around $349, in direct competition with Apple iPhone SE.

Google has not unveiled any features for the Pixel 4a. However, leaks have tipped that the new variant could be similar to the Pixel 3a. The variant could be powered by Snapdragon 730, unlike the present Snapdragon 670 processor. Instead of the traditional eMMC(Embedded MultiMediaCard), we can see a faster UFS storage.

The screen of the mobile is expected to be larger at 5.8-inch, 1080p screen. The front camera on the Pixel 4a will have an 8MP hole-punch selfie camera. On the back panel, it would have a 12-MP camera, with Pixel 4a features such as an astronomical model.

Pixel 4a is expected to be a single model with no XL version like in the 3a. Google’s Pixel 4a could be one of the most significant models launched by the company in recent times. 

Now, premium model makers are trying to profit from the mid-range, like OnePlus Nord and Apple SE. The new launch by Google will come out as the most important mobile due to the growing demand for affordable phones.

An updated version 7.5 of the Google Camera app is now available on some Android 11 Beta. The new updates come as Google is getting camera-ready with new features and preparing for an upcoming generation Pixel phone. The newly added features include Motion blur, Audio Zoom, and Flash intensity.