Chinese diplomat Qin Gang previously held the Republic of China’s minister of foreign affairs position. In December 2022, he started his employment. Working for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang began his career in diplomacy in 1993. with a spokeswoman, the protocol director, and an ambassador to the US included. Starting in December 2022, he served as the nation’s foreign minister. 

Beginning in the month of July 2023, he vanished from sight. The Chinese government has not disclosed Qin Gang’s whereabouts or the reasons for his disappearance. Qin Gang’s absence has generated a lot of speculation. While some have claimed he was fired from the administration, others have speculated that he became ill or was jailed for corruption.

Despite having only, a short time in power, Qin Gang greatly impacted China’s foreign policy. He played a crucial role in boosting China’s global influence and steadfastly protecting China’s interests. The Qin Gang’s disappearance is a stark reminder of the tyranny and secrecy of the Chinese government. It also calls into doubt China’s potential foreign policy.

The Chinese authorities initially claimed that his absence was due to health issues but declined to offer any other details. Qin Gang’s disappearance was the subject of rumors that included everything from the chance that he had been fired from the government to the potential to become ill. Others also claimed that he was imprisoned due to corruption or other misconduct. Wang Yi took over as foreign minister on July 25, 2023, replacing Qin Gang. The modification was likely connected to Qin Gang’s disappearance, even though the Chinese government did not explain it.

The disappearance of the Qin Gang is only one instance of how the Chinese government has cracked down on opposition in recent years. Other famous persons, journalists, entrepreneurs, and athletes have also disappeared in China.

This crackdown on dissent has been perceived as a means by the Chinese government of keeping its hold on power and silencing anyone who might oppose it. Concerns concerning the Chinese government’s lack of accountability and openness have also been highlighted.

Other examples of People who have Disappeared from China in Recent Years:

  • Guo Wengui: A Chinese billionaire who was critical of the Chinese government. 2014 he vanished; in 2017, he reappeared in the US.
  • Wang Quanzhang: A human rights attorney who was detained in 2015. Since then, this is the first time anyone has seen or heard from him.
  • Zhang Zhan: A journalist detained in 2020 for covering the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic. She is currently incarcerated for four years.
  • Fan Bingbing: One of the highest-paid actresses in the world was a Chinese woman. In 2018, she vanished from view and was later penalized for tax evasion.
  • Peng Shuai: A former tennis player who alleged sexual assault against a former vice premier. She vanished from the public eye for a few weeks before making a comeback in a string of films that were widely believed to be under the direction of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government has not disclosed any details regarding the whereabouts or causes of these people’s disappearance. They were probably held, nonetheless, due to their political opinions or professional endeavors. These people’s disappearance serves as a reminder of the risks involved in criticizing the Chinese government. It also reflects China’s rising authoritarianism. The disappearance of these people serves as a warning about the perils of criticizing the Chinese government. It also demonstrates how authoritarianism is escalating in China. The use of disappearances by the Chinese government constitutes a grave violation of human rights. It goes against the freedom of speech, the right to due process, and the right to unjustified detention. The Chinese government should denounce the use of disappearance by the international community, which should also call for the release of all those who have been abducted.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang vanished from view at the beginning of July 2023. He hadn’t been spotted in the open since a meeting with the foreign ministers of Sri Lanka and Vietnam on June 25 in Beijing. The fact that any evidence supports none of these notions should be stressed. Since the Chinese government has not provided any information regarding Qin’s disappearance, it is hard to know what transpired.

Thoughts and worries have been raised due to the Chinese government’s refusal to divulge details of Qin’s disappearance. The Chinese government has a history of utilizing disappearances to quiet its detractors and rivals. The Chinese government significantly influenced the disappearance of Qin. The administration has steadfastly declined to divulge details regarding Qin’s whereabouts or the circumstances behind his disappearance. As a result, there is an environment of ambiguity and speculative thinking over Qin’s future.

The way the Chinese government has handled the disappearance of Qin is consistent with its recent escalation in the repression of opposition. The government has used disappearances to intimidate and silence dissidents and opponents. This crackdown has intensified under Xi Jinping, who has consolidated control and cracked down on opposition more ruthlessly than any Chinese leader in recent memory.

Qin Gang Disappearance Effect on US & China Relationship

The disappearance of Qin has repercussions for US-China relations. Concerns regarding the Chinese government’s lack of accountability and openness have been expressed in light of the disappearance. Additionally, it has strained ties between the two nations. The US government has requested information from China regarding Qin’s whereabouts and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. The US has additionally cautioned that the disappearance would harm US-China relations. In the long run, what Qin’s disappearance will mean for the US-China relationship is unknown. There is speculation and worry about what may happen to him. This has diminished the credibility of the Chinese government and made it more challenging for the US to have faith in it.

US-China ties have become strained as a result. Uncertainty and mistrust have grown between the two nations due to the disappearance. Because of this, cooperation between the US and China on matters of shared interest has become increasingly challenging.

The commercial relationship between the US and China might suffer as a result. There have been proposals for US sanctions on China in response to the disappearance. This can worsen the trade relations between the US and China.

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, vanished from the public eye in October 2020 following a speech in which he decried the financial restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. After several weeks passed with no sightings or reports of him, there were rumors that he had been taken into custody or arrested. Eventually, in January 2021, Ma reappeared, but he has yet to make any public statements since then. Additionally, the Chinese authorities have scrutinized his firm, Alibaba, more closely.

Jack Ma’s disappearance was a warning of China’s escalating authoritarianism. Ma’s statement was viewed as threatening the government’s authority since the Chinese leadership is becoming more intolerant of dissent. Ma’s abduction has raised concerns about how free expression and other human rights may be affected in China. The Chinese government is making it abundantly apparent that it will not put up with criticism, and this could stifle dissent.

Qin Gang’s disappearance is also evidence of China’s escalating authoritarianism. The abduction of Qin, a close assistant to Chinese President Xi Jinping, could be interpreted as a message to other regime critics. The ramifications of Qin Gang’s disappearance for the Chinese government and the entire nation worry me. The Chinese government is making it quite apparent that it will not put up with opposition, which may limit freedom of speech and other human rights.