Billboard is one of the most important rankings that every musician hopes to get on. This will be the first time that the publishing will not be based on how much a particular song was listened to but instead will be based on a unique metric: tweets. Yes, the Twitter conversation will lead this chart. 

Billboard is a leading scale of measurement in the music industry. It also publishes genre-specific charts and rankings. Billboard approached Twitter roughly a year ago for this project. 

The chart will be updated daily and will also hold a place for sponsors. There will be appropriate stories and videos regarding the data. It will be put out on both the website as well as the app. It will also contain “the Billboard Hot Trending Powered by Twitter,” which will be responsible for managing advertisers who want to sponsor the chart. They can buy sponsorships in the video as well as around the charts. 

Sarah Rosen, the social-media company’s head of entertainment partnerships said that music is one of the most popular topic of conversation on Twitter. New releases are more than often met out with a lot of excitement by their fans. 

This chart is unique as it does not measure what do people listen to but in fact what do people talk about. “This is another cool way to slice and dice music data that’s different from what they are doing with all the other charts out there,” Rosen said. 

Charts is the most popular section of Billboard’s website and generates the most interactions on social media. Hence, it will be interesting to see the outcome of this collaboration. 

“Advertisers can align with the hottest trends in music and the most buzzworthy topics,” Billboard President Julian Holguin said in an interview. “Moving at the speed of culture is hard to do, and this chart can help advertisers take part in that.”

Google Assistant and Billboard

Last year post the launch of Google Assistant’s ‘hum to search’ feature, Google collaborated with Billboard to reveal the top 100 songs hummed to Google Assistant.

The top hummed song to Google Assistant was Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. The second most hummed song was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, followed by Tones And I’s Dance Monkey.