“Think Different” two words, which have created history by inspiring many to create more. Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone back in 2007 saying “We’re gonna make some history together”. And now launching iPhone 12. Apple did make history and revolutionize the mobile industry. His motto, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” is to remain with generations to come.


Now, more than a decade later, Apple has sold one billion iPhones & has the biggest fan base for its products. Lines in front of showrooms start appearing, when a new iPhone is launched by Apple; this shows how the brand established its bond with the consumer. The craze for an iPhone is not just confined to the US but all over the world. From Hong Kong to London, people stand in huge lines to buy the new iPhone every year.

Apple users’ brand loyalty is unparalleled in the market. Once a consumer buys an iPhone, s/he is unlikely to leave the brand. Back in 2001 when Apple launched the iPod. Millions of people who joined iTunes were then hooked up to Apple products. These people started using iPods and later transcended to the iPhone and iPad smoothly.


Not just the iPhone, Apple lovers nurture every product that comes along with it. Be it the charger, AirPods, or the iconic box in which the iPhone is delivered. The iPhone box has important details regarding the main updates, which made it the main tool to reflect new features. When users open an iPhone box, they see a paper book written “Designed by Apple in California” creating a quick connection with the consumer. The iPhone first generation box came with a set of headphones & chargers. It also had a small cloth to clean the phone & a guidebook. However, Apple discontinued the cloth later on. The box has a photo of the home screen showing apps like the app store, youtube, photos, and other important apps.

Apple's iPhone

When iPhone 4 was launched, Apple changed the outer hardware of the iPhone. The changes in design were reflected on the Box with a photo showing the metal edge. Later, the iPhone 5s box featured a completed front look of the phone image. It showed the fingerprint scanner on the phone introduced by a mobile company for the first time in the market.

iPhone 6s box had a full home screen photo with a live wallpaper feature, introduced that year. While iPhone 7 had a picture of the phone’s back panel, reflecting the matte black finish. Images of new features continued; in the recent version, iPhone 11 Pro features a photo of Tri-camera introduced by Apple.

iPhone 12

The box comes with a set of Lightning AirPods, earlier called as Headphones along with a charger & a USB cable. However, Apple customers may now have to spend a little extra to buy the iPhone 12. Apple is now in plans to change the box contents.

A report by Barclays claims that Apple, later this year, may drop ‘in-box’ accessories it provides now namely EarPods and the Charger in its upcoming iPhone 12 box. Which leaves the box only with a USB-C to lightning cable in the box. Apple is expected to release four new iPhone 12 models this year.

Discontinuing chargers is big, as the iPhone box included charger from the very first model back in 2007. A report released in May by a popular Apple analyst said that Apple’s new iPhone may not include AirPods, through this move Apple wants to divert its users to AirPods.

If you are a longtime iPhone user, you probably would have a spare power adapter, else you may have to spend some extra bucks to buy a new charger, along with the hefty iPhone 12.

Earlier this week, Mr White tweeted some photos of transparent 20W power adapter, that he said will be included in the box of the upcoming iPhone 12 models. In September it will be clear as to exactly what changes Apple has made to its box.

Barclays further added that the mass production of the iPhone 12 models is four to six weeks behind the schedule this year. However, the launch of new models will be announced in September & some models will not be available until November to order.