Rumors suggest Apple and Samsung will stop phone charger bending in their upcoming boxes

stop phone charger bending
stop phone charger bending

In the last few years, we saw that mobile manufacturers stop phone charger bending including accessories like earbuds, headphones, etc with their latest models, now companies may stop including bundled chargers. A new report suggests that the Korean mobile manufacturing company, Samsung will now stop adding chargers in the box for some of its new coming models.

Last month another report broke out that Apple will stop phone charger bending in the upcoming iPhone 12. Popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple may not include a charger in its new model. There is also news that Apple will discontinue its 5W and 18W chargers and bring 20W chargers which will be sold as optional accessories to its iPhone.

stop phone charger bending
stop phone charger bending

Cost cutting

While we may think about what a company may gain by discounting a charger from its box. Big companies like Samsung and Apple produce millions of chargers for their new mobile phones every year. Removing one single accessory will be a big monetary change.

Removing chargers does sound logical in the bigger picture. For mobile companies, cutting a charger will save production cost, when we see companies selling millions of smartphones each year. This means a company can save a huge amount of money by cutting one single accessory.

Each year, over a billion smartphones, are made and sold, each of these mobile boxes has a charger. The customer who buys the phone does have an existing charger. When these customers buy a new model, many use old chargers and leave the new charger in their boxes. Which means the new charger sits idle in the box. Making a charger involves people, money, resources, time, and management, thus, now companies can ask the customer to buy a separate charger if s/he needs it. It will also help to reduce the price of the mobile to attract customers.

stop phone charger bending
stop phone charger bending

The environmental impact

Phone box accessories do have a direct impact on the environment. The waste created by them later is piling up across the world. Hence, reducing its content will help the environment and also help companies who are trying to come up with actions to safeguard the environment.

When Samsung phones are manufactured in India or Korea, they are exported across the world in shipments. When we reduce the box size by cutting out the charger, it will reduce the box size. Lesser the box size more will be the number of phones that will fit in a shipment, and help reduce the export cost for companies.

Countries are trying to standardize a charger model in order to reduce the overproduction. European Union is also pushing for a universal charger that will work across all smartphone models. In 2018, big companies like Apple, Samsung and Sony signed up to standardize USB- type C standard for a mobile charger by the year 2021. This move will help to reduce the need of adding a charger in every new mobile box.

Digital Trends and stop phone charger bending
Source- Digital Trends and stop phone charger bending

Many premium mobile customers often to buy a multi-port fast charger or wireless charger for fasting charging from third-party makers which leave the branded chargers unused.

The charger is the most necessary part of the mobile sector, no company can stop phone charger bending them. However, they can offer the customer to buy a box included with a charger or one without a charger. This will allow the user to have the option in his hand. This will help the customer to change his mind over the idea of a charger in every phone box to slowly an optional charger box soon.