As AQI hit 999 in many parts of Delhi and many Indian cities listed on the top 20 most polluted cities in the world, people are looking for basic methods to reduce the impact of pollution indoors. Every year during November pollution level has been rising not just in Delhi but in almost every city in the country.

Both Central and state governments are focusing on temporary solutions but not proposing a plan to eradicate the problem. This is a clear sign that we will be living in polluted air for much time to come. As food and clean water, fresh air has now become a necessity.

According to the latest research, Scientists say that long-term exposure to polluted air increases a person’s risk of dying if he/she is infected by the novel coronavirus disease. According to a study published in Cardiovascular Research by the European Society of Cardiology, 15 percent of world deaths by covid could be those patients who were exposed to long-term to air pollution.

 “The fraction of COVID-19 deaths that could be avoided if the population was exposed to lower counterfactual air pollution levels without fossil fuel-related and other anthropogenic [caused by humans] emissions”, said the authors.

Adding to it they said, “attributable fraction does not imply a direct cause-effect relationship between air pollution and COVID-19 mortality (although it is possible). Instead, it refers to relationships between two, direct and indirect, i.e. by aggravating co-morbidities [other health conditions] that could lead to fatal health outcomes of the virus infection”.

Adding to this situation, Punjab farmers are burning stubble for the new crop season. The news of growing levels of AQI will now be a daily affair. To fight the growing pollution indoor which is considered to be more dangerous than outside, Air purifiers can help us.

Here is the list of the best air purifiers available in the market.

Philips AC1215

This popular air purifier by Philips is perfect for a small or medium family. The price of the purifier is around Rs 9,599 and the product claims to purify a room of standard size (18×12) in just 12 minutes. 

The purifier offers four stages of the filtration process to clean up to 99.99 percent bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and pollen particles. It can filter PM 2.5 particles up to 99.97. The color ring on the top indicates the level of pollution and also offers child lock mode.

Honeywell Air Touch i5

Honeywell is offering this medium-sized room and living room air purifier (below Rs 15,000 range). The company claims to cover a distance of up to 30 sq. mt area and cleans polluted air from the sides, bottom, and top of the purifier.

The purifier follows a 3 stage filtration system with HEPA, a pre-filter, and HiSiv filter for cleaning the air. The pre-filter offered in such products is easy to clean and re-use instead of buying a new one.

Mi Air Purifier

Coming at a price tag of Rs 9,999, the MI Air purifier has been in the market for the last few years and received good reviews from users. The latest version, Mi Air Purifier 3 comes with a laser particle sensor and a HEPA filter ensures the best air purification.

The device has an OLED touchscreen display which shows real-time PM 2.5 levels, temperature, and humidity levels in the room. The smart app connectivity provided by the app enables tracking and purifier options.