Now, most of the readers might be thinking if Women’s day is around the corner…Ummm no! Womanhood should be celebrated every day. Nalbari, a Zila Parishad in Assam has witnessed a roaring victory on women’s oppression in India. Most of the top-level posts in Nalbari district are headed by women. 

According to a report by The News Mill, Assam Civil Service (ACS) officer Purabi Konwar was all set to join as the first woman deputy commissioner of the district. She was CEO of the Zila Parishad in Dhubri district prior to this. Presently, Senior ACS officer Krishna Baruah, meanwhile, is the CEO of the district Zila Parishad


IPS officer Amanjeet Kaur, who was earlier posted as the deputy commissioner of police (traffic) in Guwahati, now holds the post of Nalbari’s SP. Her deputy is also a woman, Jupi Bordoloi.

Out of the seven revenue circles in the district, four are headed by women officers. 

More powerful women leaders in India officers are said to be tirelessly heading the social welfare sector circle office and judiciary department — the district labour officer (Kabita Barman), district social welfare officer (Padmeswari Saikia), sub-registrar of revenue (Madhabi Kalita), sub-divisional agriculture officer (Lakhi Dutta) and others.

“This is really something we are proud of. I hope Nalbari as a district can set an example in the entire country about how a bunch of women officers are running the administration with equal elan like their male counterparts” said Devaprakash Bhagawati, a local activist.

This district is setting an example for women all over the world, but especially for those in India. If given a fair chance, a woman can lead a nation. It would be unfair to talk about equality because no gender is competing with another. But, yes empowerment, though used callously and sometimes without meaning, is sure for women to seek. Women survive a biological bloodstream every month and act as though its no big deal. A woman can run both households and offices, but still, it is her choice. A homemaker is as much hard-working as a working woman. Women need to be there for each other because sometimes nobody else is. 

Indra Nooyi who is the former CEO of PepsiCo is an inspiration to many women. She is currently on the board of Amazon. She consistently features in the World’s 100 most powerful women list.

Vandana Bahadur Maida, has been known as the first female panchayat head of her village. She has been making plans to build bridges and schools and solving some critical livelihood problems of her people. Nonetheless, today, such activities are a part of her daily life in Khankhandvi village of Madhya Pradesh.

Former investment banker, Arati Devi chose to leave her plush job to make a difference in her village Dhunkapara in Odisha. One of India’s youngest sarpanchs, Arati is considered one of the most active ones too. Other than launching a campaign to revive traditional folk art in her village, she also ensures that the benefits of the various government schemes reaches the people who need it the most. Arati’s wonderful work was recognized internationally when she was selected to be a part of International Visitors Leadership Program by the US Consulate to speak on the importance transparency and accountability in the government. Source: The Better India 

Kasturi Duraisamy beacme the first women president in her village and this was her very first election. She aims to lay permanent roads in her village which is need of the hour. She aspires to ensure proper implementation of various government schemes ed She further hopes to ensure that every woman’s need in her village is fulfilled. Kasturi told The News Indian Express, “As soon as elections were announced, I thought of contesting. I’ve seen men in my village govern, and create change. I thought this time, I could do it. I have complete support from my husband and family.”

Captain Swati Raval, commanding the Air India Boeing 777, has been instrumental in bringing back stranded Indians during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is applauded for airlifting 263 Indians stranded in Rome and bringing them back to Delhi. Capt Swati Raval is the first woman pilot to operate a rescue flight.

INS Tarini’s all-women crew is seen as the epitome of empowerment. The all-women Indian crew to successfully circumnavigate the globe on a 55-foot sailing vessel. The six members of Navika Sagar Parikrama during their 254-day expedition covered 22,000 nautical miles. A documentary titled ‘Tarini’ was jointly made by National Geographic and the Indian Navy. 

Indian Army Day 2020 witnessed Indian Army’s Captain Tania Shergil as the first woman parade adjutant in Army Day Parade to lead an all-men contingent. A parade adjutant is responsible for executing the parade. Captain Tania Shergill, who is an officer with Army’s Corps of Signals, will also be the first woman parade adjutant for the Republic Day parade.

In 2019, Captain Bhavna Kasturi became the first woman officer to lead an all-men contingent in the Republic Day parade. Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15.

Sub Lieutenant Shivangi became first naval woman pilot and joined operational duties in the presence of top naval officials at the Kochi base. Shivangi has flown Pilatus PC 7 Mk II, Basic Trainer at AFA and completed Dornier Conversion with the Indian navy in Kochi. She would continue her training at INAS 550, the Dornier squadron at INS Garuda, to become a fully operational pilot on Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) aircraft. Source: Economic Times The Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on December 4. 

I am WOMAN, hear me roar!!!