Amid growing coronavirus cases, hospitals in India are unable to provide even basic medical facilities to the patients. The condition has worsened so much that it has become difficult for the governments and hospitals to ensure continuous supply of life-saving oxygen. With resources running scarce, many COVID patients are gasping for breath, especially those who are in home isolation and are facing difficulties in searching for the availability of oxygen.

Witnessing the serious shortage of oxygen in the country, many doctors are recommending home remedies and therapies for patients in order for them to manage oxygen levels in case SpO2 level drops below 94. One such therapy that is being suggested by doctors is ‘proning position’.

Proning position is recently one of the most recommended activities being suggested to COVID patients who are under home isolation and are experiencing fluctuating SpO2 levels. Proning is basically a medically approved technique that helps to improve oxygen deprivation. The technique has helped many patients successfully recover from breathing issues and in improving their oxygen levels.

Usually, oxygen dropping below 94 is worrisome and patients suffering from COVID-19 are mostly facing problems in breathing with sudden drops in their oxygen levels. In order to stabilise their oxygen levels, sleeping in prone position is advised. Also, remember not every patient tested positive for COVID needs to perform proning, the technique is only helpful for those who may be facing oxygen deprivation or is waiting for medical help.

Here’s how you can perform proning in order to get relief if suffering from the drop in oxygen levels and have no access to an oxygen cylinder:
  1. Start with lying on your belly
  2. Lying on your right side
  3. Sitting up with your legs extended in front of you
  4. Lying on the left side
  5. Go back to lying on your belly

*The Union government has recommended pillow position (one pillow below the neck, one pillow below the chest through upper thighs and one pillow below the foot).

*Also, one should not spend more than 30 minutes in one position.