What can you expect from the digital front of 2021? 

The world has entered the digital revolution phase and there is clearly no turning back from it now. It is a one-way street if you were still wondering. 

Here are some of the things that will possibly be taken into account further: 

Work from home:

Some of you can be at peace with your pajamas for 2021 too. Working conditions and sanitation has become a priority now for most employees. While the boredom clock is ticking, there is absolutely no escape from the burden of the enormous workforce that will be present at most offices. The pandemic has been a lesson that most work can actually happen remotely and does not require everyone to travel and be at the same spot. This saves up costs and time which is a win-win situation for all. A lot of companies like Google have already announced that they would be going remote till 2021 and maybe even further. So this leads to the possibility of, better telecommunication, better scheduling and monitoring apps and systems, investments in hardware and software for work from home setup, and more. 

Smart home products:

Have you lately caught yourself watching all the “things you didn’t know that you needed of the Amazon” videos? There is possibly anything and everything available in the digital space to make your life more comfortable and easy. You just need to look for it.  Smart home products are now being seen as common accessories, and are also relatively affordable. The dream of creating a fully smart home does not seem so far away. Google and Amazon are actively taking part in this segment as of now. It is currently starting with smart lights, plugs, home accessories and more. With people spending more and more time at home, these products have started becoming relevant and will soon see a surge during the coming years. 

5G & Satellite Internet:

5G might soon be a reality for Indians. Reliance Jio has promised to bring 5G to India in the second half of 2021. Chairman Mukesh Ambani has promised an “indigenous-developed network.” However, a very concrete setup except this declaration is still under works hopefully. A lot of countries around the globe already have functioning 5G networks. A lot of the recent models available in the market are 5G appropriate. Even mid range phones would be soon capable of functioning with a 5G network. The regulatory hurdles, permissions, managing struggling operators, and more will be mounting and surely would be making news in the times ahead. 

Misinformation through deep fakes:

We have time and again stated this fact that we need to look at the source of any information and also the bigger picture of it. We have already seen in 2020 what hazards fake news or misinformation can do. The quantity of fake news would be tremendously huge in the coming year. With AI and deepfake videos, distinguishing real and fake news would be more difficult. Media literacy alone wouldn’t be enough and would demand a better technological and digital initiative across platforms for solution. This also puts legitimate news or idea sources at risk. Trusting the media and gaining the trust would be a difficult task for all the stakeholders. 

Mobile gaming:

Mobile gaming will continue to grow. India is undoubtedly a huge market for mobile gaming. It makes gaming accessible for a larger audience that can not afford to buy fancy systems. With vlogging and platforms like discord taking center stage now, the scope of e-sports and streaming will continue and maybe see a higher peak in the coming year. The market is also hoping to see a wave of independent Indian game developers and Indian versions of various games. Hopefully, the right nerve of this wave will be tapped further for it to have a game-changer effect in the market.