Twitter recently is taking steps to monetise its new Spaces feature which was launched last year in order to compete with its rival Clubhouse. Twitter on Monday announced a simple condition for its users to enter the new feature Twitter Spaces. The social media giant will now introduce a new feature that will let users charge admission to their live audio chat rooms in its “Spaces” feature.   

Twitter Spaces, also known as audio rooms, is a feature that allows the user to host an audio conversation with other users on the social media platform.  

Till now, only a few users who were part of Twitter’s pilot testing were allowed to host the audio chats, but with the recent announcement, Twitter made it clear that in order for the user to host the live audio chat, they need to have at least 600 followers.

This simply means that only those users who have more than 600 followers can be a host during the audio chats.

Ticketing for ‘Spaces’ feature:

Twitter also revealed that the platform will allow a limited group of users to sell the tickets in order for other users to access their Spaces conversations. The hosts will also have the capacity to determine the charge and number of tickets that will be available as per the show.

The micro-blogging giant also said if the host uses the ticketing option, they will be allowed to keep the majority of the revenue, while Twitter will earn only a “small amount” from it. Through this move, Twitter is trying to build its space in the “creator economy”, because influencers and independent writers today are focusing and trying to earn from their content on platforms like YouTube or Substack.