There’s definitely something about Indian parents that make them different from parents across the globe. It’s kind of really difficult to get praise from Desi parents. It’s easy for an Indian kid to get a plaudit from a complete stranger than getting praised by their own parents. And seriously, I am not exaggerating. Don’t believe me? Well, in my defence I would ask you to open Twitter because that’s where the proof lies. Just kidding!

The internet is filled with humorous memes and funny reactions about how some fathers react to the massive achievements of their youngsters in a really calm manner. Yes! Calmness is synonymous with dads, especially with Indian dads when they react to the massive achievements of their youngsters. The internet united on the opinion when Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Megha Rajagopalan posted her dad’s reaction and made it obvious that even winning the highly coveted award like a Pulitzer Prize cannot ignite an over-effusive reaction from Indian dads.

Megha Rajagopalan, along with two other contributors, Alison Killing and Christo Buschek, won the Pulitzer Prize for their innovative investigative reports harnessing satellite technology that exposed China’s mass detention camps for Uighur Muslims and other minority ethnicities. The trio is from BuzzFeed News and won the Pulitzer in the International Reporting category.

As the news came out and people started sending their congratulatory messages, Rajagopalan shared her dad’s reaction which left the internet laughing and even gained a reaction from the US Vice President’s niece, Meena Harris.  

Rajagopalan shared a screenshot of a quick dialogue between her and her father on Twitter which read: “Congratulations Megha. Mom just forwarded me. Pulitzer Prize. Well done.” Posting the screenshot, the Pulitzer winner categorised the statement as an “Understated Indian dad reaction.”

As soon as Rajagopalan posted her dad’s reaction, Twitter started reacting to her tweet with extremely funny reactions with most totally relating to the reaction. Seeing Rajagopalan’s dad’s reaction to her achievement, many were seen asking why fathers are hard to please. The no exclamation mark and no emoji message flamed many funny reactions on Twitter.