Sometimes duty and the zeal to perform it is ingrained not only because of the oath one takes but also because of the promises one holds very dear to their heart. One such story is that of Lt Cdr Sune Phogat.

Lt Cdr Sune Phogat is one of the Platoon Commanders of the Republic day parade 2021. He was recommended in the Indian navy in the year 2009 as soon as he completed his higher secondary examination. He cleared his Indian Navy entrance exams in the first go. 

Lt Cdr Sone Phogat

Son to a Delhi police officer, Phogat knows the importance of discipline and the true value of the uniform. He promised to make his father proud by walking as a leading officer in command in one of the Republic Day parades.

Lt Cdr Sone Phogat with his father

Sadly, his father passed away in 2015. But, today as he marches in the parade, he will keep two promises alive in his heart: one to the nation and one to his father. Jai Hind!

Note: This story is based on the conversation between one of our on-ground journalists and Lt Cdr Sune Phogat. As an organisation we believe that lived experiences are as important as any other story in the field of communication. Here is one such human story.