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Hyderabad, June 10: Junior doctors of Gandhi Hospital, primary COVID hospitals in Telangana, have been protesting on roads. This is the second attack on doctors of Gandhi hospital during the pandemic. The Telangana Doctors protest escalated after the family members of a deceased COVID-19 patient in Telangana attacked the doctors. 

Telangana Doctors Protest
Telangana Doctors Protest

A load of assisting doctors on Coronavirus cases has fallen upon the shoulders of nurses and assistant professors as over 150 junior doctors went on protest since Tuesday evening. Doctors who are the frontline workers at this pandemic situation got offended on being attacked for situations that are beyond their control and treatment. 

The Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) has put forward some demands before the State and Home ministry, some of which include; for prevention of future attacks they seek the deployment of paramilitary forces for the medical staff. They urge the State to provide an adequate number of PPE kits and N 95 masks for all medical workers across the state.

They also demand the authorities set up more COVID hospitals in Telangana as the pressure on the infrastructurally despondent Gandhi hospital is immense. In order to ensure fair representation and grievance redressal, the Telangana doctors protest demand TJUDA members be included in the advisory committee to the Health ministry. 

Taking action on the attack, Hyderabad City police immediately arrested the two accused assaulters. Police also warned penal action against any further attacks on medical staff by tweeting the following

Telangana Doctors Protest

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