Sonam Wangchuk truly believes in AtmaNirbhar Bharat and therefore, has built solar-powered handy Made in India military tents for the Indian Army soldiers that would not only accommodate our jawans but would also help them keep warm in areas of freezing temperatures.

Sonam Wangchuk, famously known as ‘the real-life Phunsukh Wangdu from 3 Idiots’, has yet again hit the news by finding a brilliant solution to keep the jawans of the Indian Army positioned at high altitudes warm. In a recent development, Sonam Wangchuk, the engineer-turned education reformer has created solar-heated portable military tents for the soldiers of the Army that has the capacity to include 10 Indian Army jawans at a time.

Wangchuk, who had previously succeeded in his solar-heated mud hut project, now has built a tent for the Army soldiers that is fully portable with the weight of the tent being less than 30 kilos. The military tent is specially made for the Army personnel stationed in the Ladakh region. He shared the images of the solar-powered military tent on Twitter claiming that it can keep the Army men warm at 15 degrees even when it is -14 degrees outside. He even pointed out that the tents are carbon neutral and are made completely made in India.

Wangchuk’s ingenious gift for jawans in Ladakh:

This innovation by Sonam Wangchuk left millions of people impressed. With this excellent innovation, the Ladakh-based innovator Wangchuk tried to solve the problems of Indian Army jawans especially posted at higher altitudes including areas such as Galwan Valley and Siachen Glacier, who have to face the harsh temperatures every winter. With the lack of access to electricity in distinct regions, the only option left with soldiers is to turn to other heating solutions like burning firewood, kerosene, or diesel.

According to the reports, the tent is built in such a manner that it will take the heat from the sun through the day and will keep the tent warm through the night for up to 12 to 14 hours. The tent will also use water in order to keep it warm and insulated from the inside. The tent, which comes with an entry and exit door was built in just four weeks.

This new eco-friendly military tent designed by Wangchuk is aligned with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of AtmaNirbhar Bharat. It is important to note here that these solar-powered tents are not the first such ‘clean energy’ initiatives of Wangchuk. Earlier, he had also conceptualised the concept of Ice Stupas, a glacier grafting technique that creates artificial glaciers which stores water in winters that can be used in summers.

Wangchuk’s call to boycott Chinese goods for ethical reasons:

 It was in June last year, when Sonam Wangchuk took the internet by storm when he started a movement to boycott Chinese products in India. He created a buzz online after his message to boycott Chinese goods went going viral amid the escalating tensions between India and China at LAC in Ladakh. Wangchuk in a video appeal was seen urging Indian citizens to boycott Chinese goods and uninstall Chinese apps.

Wangchuk was the talk of the town last year when netizens appreciated his video titled ‘China Ko Jawaab Sena Degi Bullet Se, Naagrik Dengey Wallet Se’, in which he explained how people can help the country amid the border tensions. Wangchuk, last year not only raised his voice in favour and support of the use of Indian products but with this Made in India innovation, he has also proved that he is a man of his words and truly believes in the self-reliance of the country.