Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the expansion of its Galaxy Upcycling programme to various countries with the Galaxy Upcycling at Home. The extensive program aims to revive and reuse the old Galaxy smartphones by converting them into a range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

As per the tech giant, this can be done through a simple software update. The devices can be used as per one’s choice and lifestyle needs. The company claims that the updated device then can be used for miscellaneous activities from a childcare monitor to a pet care solution, anything that one requires.  

The beta services of the extended program were launched in the UK, the US, and Korea. Presently the program is limited to some models only (models launched in 2018 and later). The Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z series are eligible for this provided they were produced post-2018.

After the simple update on the old device through the SmartThings app, users can access two basic functions: audio sensor and light sensor. The audio sensor update will be able to detect particular sounds from the environment and then send the detected audio clips as recordings on your phone. The light sensor feature will allow the device to turn on lights whenever the room gets dark. 

The update will also come with battery optimisation as reported. This will keep the phone functioning for a longer period of time. The features use an improved artificial intelligence solution to function effectively. 

Samsung aims to create an effective and high-functioning SmartThings ecosystem. As per what the company claims, devices can easily connect to SmartThings, making interaction with a variety of smart home devices from leading brands an effortless move. 

“Samsung first introduced the Galaxy Upcycling programme in 2017 as part of our sustainability efforts, to reimagine old Galaxy devices for the home. We’re delighted to be taking this to the next level, and bringing the Galaxy Upcycling at Home beta to the UK” said Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Services and Technology, Samsung UK and Ireland. “Through unique SmartThings connectivity, Galaxy Upcycling at Home encourages people to turn old smartphones into a smart home device, providing new ways to gradually reduce our eco footprint and use their existing tech to add value to everyday life.”

Sung-Koo Kim, VP of the Sustainability Management Office, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics said that the purpose of creating Galaxy Upcycling at Home was to make people repurpose their used devices into something useful. She noted that this will not only allow the company but also the users to be more mindful of the environment. Rethinking and redesigning existing resources, by adding more value to solve the current issue is one of the smartest decisions one can take currently. 

Through the Galaxy Upcycling at Home, Samsung is focusing on its commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. Such practices not only empower the users but assist in working towards the environment too.