Realme is known as one of the fastest and the youngest growing brand (for smartphones) among other brands. Now the Company announced its plan to expand its brand and sell more products to develop a product portfolio. The Company’s recent updates approach that Realme is considering to implement is the “1+4+N” product strategy under which the company will launch products like TVs, smart earphones, smart mobile phones, smart cameras, etc.


The Company shared a graphic that highlights future product plans. After taking a look at the Realme new updates of the graphic it is evident that the Company is planning to venture into multiple categories. Most products come under the ‘smart home’ category. These products will be launched in the next few months or maybe in the next few years.

Most of the introduced products are divided into two categories ‘Home’ and ‘Travel’. The Company has already launched many of these products in the market such as power bands, smart bands, car chargers, etc.

“1+4+N” product strategy

The 1 in the product strategy tells to focus on its core product portfolio the ‘smartphone’. The smartphone will be the center of Realme’s AIOT ecosystem through Realme Link App.

 The 4 in the product strategy stands for 4 main sub-categories the company will focus on. Here they are Smart TV, Smart Watch, Smart Speaker, Smart Earphone. Except for the Smart speaker, Realme has come up with products from the other three categories as well. However, a recent teaser reveals a Realme new update about the launch of Realme Smart Speaker wouldn’t take too long. Lastly, the N stands for the rest of the products that the company will be launching in the upcoming months. Along with products such as Car Charger, Power Bank, and Smart Band, we will also get to see the launch of smart home products such as Smart locks, Smart cameras, Sweeping machines, etc.

Realme' strategy

Realme expressed its interest to launch products under the audio category and said it will launch high-end TVs and ‘more’. The Realme’s new strategy shows its plan to compete with its rival Xiaomi, which earlier launched products such as a robot vacuum, smart bulb, and other products.

The latest smartphones launched in the Indian market are Realme X3 and Realme SuperZoom. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth talked about the new product plan of the company at the Realme X3 series launch event on June 25.

However, last year Huawei announced its own product strategy called 1+8+N. The company’s new strategy is a lot similar to the product strategy launched by Huawei. The only difference being, Huawei announced an eight connected devices plan but the company announced a four connected devices plan. A Xiaomi representative took to Twitter and accused Realme of copying its strategy from Huawei.