Electric vehicles are an increasingly common sight nowadays. Electric vehicles are now gradually catching the attention and are soon become a bright reality in India, paving way for a positive change. Ola Electric has recently announced its Hypercharger Network plans in order to change the electric vehicle ecosystem in India. What else could be a better way to celebrate World Earth Day! The Ola Hypercharger Network is the charging network for its upcoming two-wheeler products starting with the Ola Scooter to be launched in the coming months.

As per the claims made by Ola, its Hypercharge Network would be the world’s largest electric two-wheeler charging network covering almost 400 cities and with more than one lakh charging points. Ola Electric further revealed that around ?2,400 Cr have been invested in order to build the world’s largest manufacturing facility for electric two-wheelers in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, after the successful establishment of this Hypercharge Network, the next big step of the company will be installing 5,000 charging points in the first year itself in about 100 cities of the country.

Not only the densest but the fastest two-wheeler charging network:

Ola is aiming to create the widest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network, with one lakh charging points. In the move to create such an elaborative network, the company is also pushing itself towards building the fast-charging network. The fast-charging network will enable the Ola e-scooter to get charged 50 percent in just 18 minutes, which will translate to around 75km range. 

Ola customers will be able to plug their scooter into the charging point at its network and will be able to monitor the charging progress in real-time on the Ola Electric app and the same app can be used to seamlessly pay for the charging as well.

Charging methods:

First of all, a conventional home-charger will be provided with the scooter that requires no additional installation and customers through its help can simply plug it into a regular wall socket overnight.

Secondly, fast-charging charging ports will be built across public places like parking lots, IT parks, colleges, malls, and the likes. There will be a dedicated app for the Ola Scooters to guide the user about the nearest charging point.