On Tuesday, Nintendo Switch announced a new fitness game called Jump Rope Challenge, which is free-to-download. The challenge aims at giving players an easy way to exercise without leaving their homes. A small team of Nintendo developed this game, working from home.

Jump Rope Challenge
Launch Jump Rope Challenge

The user can access a pair of ‘Joy-Can’ controllers to handle the virtual skipping rope. Two people can play together for a high score, with each person holding one Joy-Can to control. The target of the game is 100 jumps per day.

Jump Rope Challenge
Jump Rope Challenge

“With ‘hopping bunnies’ as the main characters, simple menus, and no tutorials, it’s a quick and easy way to learn the ropes and get started,” Nintendo said in a press statement.

The user can bend knees or move arms to play the game without creating any noise.

The game is available on eShop, for free only till September 2020.

Jump Rope Challenge
Jump Rope Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors; gyms and outdoor exercise options got shut, due to the fear of surface contact virus spreading. People are left with no option but to exercise at home. The Jump Rope Challenge can help people to complete their workout routines at home without stepping out.

The App listed important instructions one should read before downloading it:

  • Make sure you stretch properly before playing a Jump Rope Challenge. Gameplay requires “varying amounts of physical activity”
  • If you experience excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, discomfort, or pain while playing “STOP USE IMMEDIATELY” and consult a doctor. Keep your activity within reasonable limits and avoid excessive exertion.
  • Consult a doctor before playing if: (1) you are or may be pregnant, (2)have heart, respiratory, back, joint or other orthopaedic conditions (3) have high blood pressure, (4) have difficulty with physical exercise or (6) you have been instructed to restrict physical activity.

The above instructions are enlisted by Nintendo.

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