Definitely, it is the corona season but that does not keep the opportunists or creative heads at bay in terms of experimenting with new trends. Bakeries across the world are now following the latest trend of vaccine themed desserts. 

COVID-19 has affected our lifestyles and this has become our new normal. We saw so many food trends going in last year. From dalgona coffee to banana bread, people devoured them all. The latest trend that is catching up is vaccine themed cakes, pastries and more. 

For instance, a Hungarian pastry shop launched a range of Covid-19 vaccine-themed sweet mousses, a layered dessert with jelly toppings and decorative syringes. It was meant to be a light-hearted solution to counter the fear of people with regards to getting vaccinated. 

The various jelly colours represent the various types of vaccines that are available. The various colours are citrus yellow for AstraZeneca and a slightly darker yellow for Sinopharm, matcha green for Pfizer, orange for Sputnik V and a vivid blue for Moderna, as reported by Reuters. 

Last month, Cerna Madona, a restaurant in Prague, created a vaccine-themed dessert with a sponge cake, banana mousse and strawberry-banana filling. The dessert also had an adorable vaccine capsule inserted on the top. Reportedly they also made a coronavirus themed cake some time back.

Remember the time in January when slogans like ‘Bye Bye Corona’ were constantly being chanted. A bakery in Germany called The Schürener Backparadies introduced big syringe cakes with “2021-Bye Bye Corona,” written on them.

Recently ‘Vaccinated’ cakes are also trending. People are rejoicing the vaccine and are leaving no stone unturned to celebrate it.

Another bakery in Zapopan, Mexico, baked a cake in the shape of a vaccine bottle.

Every vaccine cake is very interesting and has some eye-catching element to it. Some of our favourite ones are:

Are you getting one for yourself too?