Netflix Indian matchmaking. Before you start cringing or horrifying, hear me out. This show is a perfect example of meme publicity. This show currently ranks at number 6 on Netflix Indian matchmaking top 10 picks. Can you imagine the reach this show has? Not to be mistaken, the show has its tentacles spreading across Twitter, Instagram, and more. While we crib about the “pados wali aunty” and their snarky comments, our NRI counterparts don’t have it otherwise. Meet the star of the show, Sima Aunty! 


Netizens had mixed reactions towards the show. While quite a chunk stayed divided on the show’s concept, social media marketers/agencies trend-jacked this show. Torn between “regressive show” & “meme content”, the show thrived and trended on twitter too. Larger questions like, ‘Love marriage or Arrange marriage’, ‘Why does India prefer arranged marriage?’, ‘How regressive is this system’ and more. 

netflix indian matchmaking
netflix indian matchmaking

Why did you watch it?

Most of the netizens do understand and have commented that the show is dehumanising, oppressive, potentially toxic, classist and casteist in so many ways. However, they also admitted that they suffered from an obsessive binge watch session. So, why would anyone keep watching something that they feel is wrong on so many levels? 

  • Relatable: It is relatable af! This show is a classic example of how arranged marriages in India work. There is no denying the fact. A lot of you reading this might have already gone through this process or are dreading that you will. The show talks about loneliness in a very extreme condition. The only escape to loneliness is marriage. Attacking a lot of legit fears of the viewers this show has created quite a reputation for itself
  • Human element: This show perfectly captures the element of human based stories. The show can be termed as 2020’s version of ‘Kahani ghar ghar ki’, more real and less flashbacks. The viewers found this show to be very connecting. The show had stories that looked real and the viewers got invested in it. We are all some sort of gossip mongers at the end of the day afterall.
netflix indian matchmaking
netflix indian matchmaking
  •  Meme Publicity: the show received an overwhelming and mixed response on the internet. Good or bad, publicity is publicity. The show made brands and meme creators turn their heads. Social media platforms are all about turning heads. Memes increased the reach of this show, to quite a level. So many are writing about them, that is quite some way to gather a viewership. Some even wait for the next season eagerly!

The aim of the article is in no way to endorse the show. This article solely comes from the perspective of the digital response that the show managed to get, even though being categorised as problematic.

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