The Israeli political opposition is all set to overturn Benjamin Netanyahu’s government that has been in power for 15 years. The opposition has pulled together strings to form a possible coalition that can overturn the present PM’s government.

The shift will be concrete if the coalition gets ratified in the coming week and Benjamin Netanyahu, the present PM of Isreal will be replaced as prime minister by Naftali Bennett, a 49-year-old technology millionaire and former cabinet minister.

Who is Naftali Bennett?

Naftali Bennett is a tech millionaire. He strongly believes in the annexation of the maximum part of the occupied West Bank. He has publically addressed in multiple press interviews that the creation of a Palestinian State “would be a suicide mission for Israel compromising its security.” 

Naftali Bennett is known to be a strong supporter of religious rights and Jewish settlement. If he succeeds PM Netanyahu, his tenure will be as long as 2 years and 3 months. According to media briefings, the reigns will be later passed on to the head of Yesh Atid party in Israel.

More into Naftali Bennett’s personal life

Born to immigrants from the United States of America on March 25th, 1972, Naftali Bennett was raised in Haifa. He is a modern-Orthodox religious Jew who has studied law at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. He served in Sayeret Matkal and Maglan (special forces under Israel) and then later went on to become a software entrepreneur.

Naftali Bennett entered politics in 2006 and served as the Chief of Staff for Benjamin Netanyahu until 2008. He co-founded the ‘My Israel extra Parliamentary Movement’ in 2011 along with Ayelet Shaked. In 2012, Naftali Bennett was elected as the Party Leader of The Jewish Home. After serving in many ministries, he finally founded the New Right which is a right-wing political party in Israel in 2018. Now he has also signed a coalition with Yair Lapid.

He is known for his political inclinations that are far-right than his own. He is a staunch supporter of the Jewish Nation-State and Jewish religious rights.

Many are antisipating that Bennett would be a breath of fresh air in Israel’s political situation. Now the world waits for the Parliament to vote for the coalition government proposed by Bennett.