Extensive list of mental health matters phone lines to reach out to, they will help you!

Kunjan Ahluwalia

Speaking to a mental health professional should not be a stigma anymore. We live in a fast-paced world where we often lose track of our thoughts and the need to address them. It’s true that only you are responsible for your life, but reaching out to someone who can help and guide you through a difficult time is a safer bet. According to the MINDS Foundation, a person takes their own life every 40 seconds. 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill-health. Today, we are in dire need to collectively accept mental health matters as a priority, and be welcoming and kind to one another.           

Speaking to The Wonk, Astha Ahluwalia, Partner & Chief Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist at Reboot Wellness said,                                            

“Making a client feel safe in a therapeutic setting is extremely important. The way you greet the clients, address them. When we deal with someone who is even remotely suicidal or is even enquiring about suicide, we immediately inform her/his family, partner or social circle, and we are obligated to do so. There are many clients from the LGBTQA community as well, and to deal with such clients we need to be open and accepting first; because if a client is sitting in front of you, s/he obviously needs to be heard. It’s pivotal to reassure and comfort your client, I believe.”   

60 Million Indians suffer from mental illness. 130,000 Indians commit suicide every year. 1 in 3 homeless individuals suffer from a mental illness.

        ~ The Banyan 

There are various mental health organisations that extend help when you are in need, some of which are as follows: 

  1. The MINDS Foundation
Mental Health Matters
Mental Health Matters

Since 2011, MINDS has been focused on community-level systemic change. Through close collaboration with local stakeholders including: teachers, village & community leaders, local governments, and clinicians—they have been able to continuously modify their programs to deliver a human-centered approach to mental health care. They are committed to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness through education, training, and providing access to cost-effective, high-quality care.

  1. The Banyan 
Mental Health awareness

Since 1993, The Banyan has developed a variety of holistic mental health solutions that address multifaceted components of distress that those with mental health issues face. They aim to create replicable & sustainable models of care that address the interconnected elements of mental ill-health. This includes emergency and acute medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social care offered through our street-based services, hospital settings, shelter-based services, community-based outpatient care and inclusive long term care options for persons with high support needs.

Emergency Care and Recovery Centre

Address: 6th Main Road, Mogappair Eri Scheme, Mogappair West, Chennai – 600037

Phone: +91 9677121099 

  1. Reboot Wellness 
Mental Health Matters

Their dedicated team of psychologists and psychiatrists bring together clinical proficiency and human compassion to create a safe, trustworthy and non-judgemental space for you to open up. They believe in following progressive principles and a personalized approach to help people navigate through difficult times in their lives at their own pace, and in their own way.

They also extend help through Online Counselling, Clinical assessments, and Online relationship counselling sessions.

Address: 7 Nathupur Road, Ground Floor,Near Neelkanth Hospital, DLF Phase III, Gurugram Haryana-122002. 


Phone no: 09718383805 

4. White Swan Foundation 

Mental Health organization

White Swan Foundation for Mental Health matters is a not-for-profit organization that offers knowledge services in the area of mental health. They aim to provide patients, caregivers, and others with well-researched content that will help them make informed decisions on how to deal with mental health issues. The White Swan Foundation team aims to also collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations across the world to bring to you the best-in-class knowledge on mental health.


  1. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences 
Mental health matters

In 1974, AIIMH and Mental Hospital were amalgamated, giving birth to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). With this, the legacy of Dr. Govindaswamy to implement a multidisciplinary approach by integrating mental health and neurosciences turned into a reality.

  1. Manas Foundation
Mental health awereness

Manas Foundation is a national, non-profit working with diverse communities of women, men, adolescents, and children. They innovate plug-in models to embed mental health seamlessly within health, education and residential homes for care and protection. Their journey of almost two decades paved the way for us to pioneer a comprehensive approach integrating mental health and gender justice. This model engages men at scale to bring a positive shift in attitudes and practices towards gender equality and ending violence against women.

  1. Live Laugh Love 
Mental health matters

The Live Love Laugh Foundation was founded in 2015 by Deepika Padukone. Stemming from the founder’s core belief that that no life should be lost because of mental illness, The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) aims to give hope to every person experiencing stress, anxiety and depression (SAD). TLLLF’s programmes and initiatives encompass mental health awareness and de-stigmatization of mental illness.

Some organisations to reach out to: Yes, they will listen to us 🙂

The MINDS Foundation – You can reach us directly via call or WhatsApp at +919033837227  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. E-mail us at info@mindsfoundation.org

The Samaritans Mumbai – 022 6464 3267, 022 6565 3267, 022 6565 3247. Email: samaritans.helpline@gmail.com 

Arpita Suicide Prevention Helpline is one of the services of Arpita Foundation.10 AM – 05 PM | 080 23655557 Email: arpita.helpline@gmail.com

iCall – iCALL is a service from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), run by trained mental health professionals. Phone: 022-25521111 | 08 AM – 10 PM | Monday to Saturday | Email: icall@tiss.edu

Parivarthan – Parivarthan Counselling, Training & Research Centre is a registered, non-profit society that provides services in the field of mental health. Phone: +91 7676 602 602 | 10 AM – 10 PM | Monday to Friday | www.parivarthan.org

Sahai – Sahai is a service provided by the Medico Pastoral Association (MPA). MPA is a 51 years old psychosocial rehabilitation home for people with mental health issues. Phone: 080 – 25497777 | 10 AM – 05 PM | Monday to Saturday | Proficient with: ?????, English. Email: sahaihelpline@gmail.com

Sumaitri – Sumaitri is a crisis intervention centre for the depressed, distressed and suicidal. Phone: 011-23389090 | 02 PM – 10 PM | Monday to Friday | 10 AM – 10 PM | Saturday & Sunday. Email: feelingsuicidal@sumaitri.net

Sneha – Sneha is a suicide prevention organisation that offers unconditional emotional support for the depressed, desperate and the suicidal. 24 Hours | Monday to Sunday. Phone: 044-24640050 | 08 AM – 10 PM | 044-24640060 Email: help@snehaindia.org

Lifeline – Lifeline Foundation is a suicide prevention NGO based in Kolkata and conducts various outreach programs across the city. Phone: 033-24637401 | 10 AM – 06 PM | 033-24637432. Proficient with: ??????, ?????, English. Email: lifelinekolkata@gmail.com

COOJ – COOJ Mental Health Foundation (COOJ) works towards promoting mental health in Goa. E-Counselling: Youmatterbycooj@gmail.com Phone: 0832-2252525 | 01 PM – 07 PM | Monday to Friday Proficient with: English

Roshni – Roshni Trust provides free and confidential service to the depressed & the suicidal. 11 AM – 09 PM | Monday to Saturday | Proficient with: ??????, ????, ?????, English Email: roshnihelp@gmail.com Phone: 040-66202001

Samaritans Mumbai– Call Samaritans Mumbai if you are disturbed, stressed, depressed or suicidal |03 PM – 09 PM | Monday to Saturday|Phone: +91 84229 84528 | Proficient with: ?????, ?????, English Email: talk2samaritans@gmail.com

Roshni – You can reach out to Roshni,Telangana.| Phone: 040 790 464|E-mail – help@roshnihyd.org |Address – 1-8-303/48/21 Kalavathy Nivas, Sindhi Colony S.P. Road, Secunderabad 500003    

BipolarIndia – Online and Offline Peer Support for Patients & Caregivers www.BipolarIndia.org, Mumbai | Please fill the contact form and you’ll hear from us shortly https://www.bipolarindia.com/contact-us/

iCALL -A telephone and email based counseling service run by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai which offers psychosocial support, information and referral to people in emotional, psychological distress across age groups, gender and sexual identities, geographies and issues through a team of trained and qualified counsellors |Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm | Phone: 022-2552111 | Email: icall@tiss.edu |. For more details, visit http://www.icallhelpline.org

By Kunjan Ahluwalia