Instagram introduced reels in order to provide a platform to Tik-Tok consumers when the Government of India banned the Chinese app that had a huge following. The feature that started as a mere option, now seems as a corporate need for the Facebook-owned company. Instagram might soon allow creators to earn money by making Reels. Yes! The popular photo-sharing app is working on a “Bonuses” payments program to pay creators who make Reels.

It is being believed that this new feature in reels might be a strategy being used by Instagram to compete with Tik-Tok.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi was the first one to spot this feature. Paluzzi even shared a screenshot of the feature which made it clear that the “Bonuses” option will be available for creators only, and not for regular users. Also, the screenshot revealed that the creators will get paid every time they upload a new Reel.

However, it is yet not clear that this payment option will be accessible to those who have good upload volume or have greater audience engagement metrics. Apart from this, Instagram is surely going to set some “Bonus thresholds,” which users will have to reach in order to make use of the new payments feature and earn money by making Reels.

The feature is still in its nascent stage and Instagram is yet to verify its existence formally.