On this 72nd Republic Day, the Indian Navy’s tableau will showcase India’s first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The tableau will also showcase Indian Navy’s stellar role as a credible force during the 1971 war.

With the arrival of a new calendar every year, the event that every Indian eagerly awaits is – the celebration of January 26. Planning out how exactly we can participate in the Republic Day Parade has now more or less a familiar drill reprised every year, which usually ends with one of these two outcomes – either braving the Delhi winters and queuing up early in the morning at Rajpath to see our soldiers marching with all the josh, or else the entire family tuned in front of the television in wait for the parade and the tableau display to commence. 

However, this year’s Republic Day celebration will be different and especially significant for two reasons – one, due to the coronavirus pandemic that has unfortunately enforced strict restrictions and limitations in the parade celebrations and two, as this 72nd Republic Day coincides with the Golden jubilee anniversary of the Liberation of Bangladesh war, which saw a well matched and well synchronised participation of the Indian forces and Mukti Bahini.

The navy’s tableau on this Republic Day Parade will not only showcase the power and might of the Naval force during the parade but will also celebrate the 50th anniversary victory of the 1971 war in accordance with the Navy Day theme of 2020 – “Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible & Cohesive”.

The tableau will showcase the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, which is often seen as the symbol of victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. The tableau celebrates the ‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh’ by showcasing the role of the Indian Navy as a credible force during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

Model of Indian Navy’s Republic Day tableau

Fractionated into two parts the front part of the tableau, depicts the attack on the Karachi harbour, undertaken as the part of Operation Trident (on Dec 4-5, 71) and Operation Python (on Dec 8-9, 71) by the missile boats, while the rear section will showcase the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, that during 1971 successfully enforced a Naval blockade thereby cutting off reinforcements sent by the then West Pakistan and ensuring maritime and air superiority for the Bangladeshi and Indian forces.

Front part of the tableau, depicting the attack on the Karachi harbour
Rear section of the tableau showcasing the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

Not only this, but the naval force of the country through their tableau will try to showcase the courage and sacrifice of the naval personnel by putting the pictures of eight naval awardees of the Mahavir Chakra who wrote glorifying chapters in the naval history. Also, on both sides of the tableau are the murals depicting the various ships and the commando operations undertaken by the navy in coordination with Mukti Bahini. The signing of the instrument of surrender also finds a spot on the tableau.

The tableau will showcase Indian Navy’s stellar role as a credible force during the 1971 war, and will make the citizens of the country feel proud by establishing the reminiscences of the war and depicting how courageously the country fought the war for humanity and justice. So, let’s be ready to watch a grand display of military prowess, vibrant cultural diversity, and socio-economic progress of the country on the majestic Rajpath this Republic Day.