Google is testing a new app called ‘Task Mate’ in India that pays users for completing simple tasks like transcribing, translating, and taking photos of a nearby restaurant or shopfront.

What if I tell you that you can actually earn money by doing small tasks on your smartphones? Well…yes, Google has launched a new application called Task Mate in India that will help users earn some money. Search engine giant is testing a new crowdsourcing app Task Mate that asks users to perform some random tasks through smartphones and in return, it is promising a good payment.

In an effort to improve its mapping services and attract more online businesses towards it, Google is testing a paid version of a crowdsourcing service. As per the reports, the application is available on Google Play Store for users to install, but the app is restricted to selected users at the moment. The catch here is that the app is still in its beta version and for now the new users will only be able to join through the use of referral codes. 

Google in past has a record of experimenting with similar apps. Google Pay gained immense popularity in India within a few years because of the cashback and other rewards it provides to its users for doing transactions on the app. The firm also has an app called Google Opinion Rewards that asks you questions about its own products or places you visited in exchange, for Play Store credit. But, this time, Google wants you to do simple tasks and in exchange it will reward you in your local currency.

Kind of tasks in Task Mate:

The new app called Task Mate rewards users for completing small tasks and promises to pay them in their local currency. According to the app’s description on Google Play Store, users can choose tasks that interest them, and they can be completed at any time, from anywhere. The app lets users “earn money doing simple tasks on their smartphones”. The tasks can apparently either be something from Google itself or one of its business partners from around the world.

The tasks basically are categorised as Sitting or Field tasks. In order to complete the former task, the user can fulfil the demand of the task from home with access to just a smartphone, while the latter kind of task requires folks to visit particular sites or locations.

For sitting tasks, the user has to just sit at home complete tasks such as transcribe audio content or record spoken sentences. While, on the other hand, for tasks that require fieldwork, Google asks users to go to a nearby shop and take photos of the storefront.  Once done with the task, the user will get paid via cash transfer directly to the linked bank account.

Google Task Mate

The overall framework of the application is pretty straightforward and simple to understand. The users can search for ‘tasks nearby’ and then choose which one they would like to complete.

Earn easy payments:

In order to receive payments, the user will have to link an account with a third-party processor. In order to cash out the money earned through tasks, the user can register their e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Task Mate app.  The user then has to visit his/her profile page and click on cash out. 

As per the app’s description, the user will then be able to withdraw the money in your local currency. To better understand follow the steps given:

  1. Register your e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Google Task Mate app.
  2. Visit your profile page, and click on cash out. 
  3. Post the above step, you will be able to withdraw the money in your local currency.

Motive behind the app:

The type of tasks Google is giving to the users gives us a hint that the search giant is trying to improve its popular services such as finding real-time information on local shops with photos on Google Maps basically to improve its mapping services. The transcribing tasks are likely to help improve the Machine Language (ML) models of live transcription feature on Android phones, YouTube, and other Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered applications.

Google is known for its frequent experimentation when it comes to the introduction of new apps. For now, the app is only available in India and Kenya. Unfortunately, it is hard to find out that Google will release the app in other countries or not. But, according to the estimations, the release of Task Mate in other countries will depend upon the success of the application in India and Kenya as Google is quite well-known for trying and dropping apps frequently.