Recently, Pakistani artist Saad Alavi has turned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s signature phrase “Aapne ghabrana nahi hai” into a rap song and people are not only finding this extremely entertaining but are also loving it.

India and Pakistan, the two countries that were divided by borders, are now getting united by social media. It’s highly rare to see Indians and Pakistanis liking and bonding over the same thing. I think 2021 will be remembered as the year that made the unification of the two countries possible and this time the thing that led towards this phenomenal task is a Meme. Yes! It’s a meme.

India’s first meme trend of the year made everybody party on social media. Instagram and Twitter went ablaze with not just any party, but “pawwwri”. Yashraj Mukhate’s “Pawri ho rahi hai” went viral on social media as usual, but this time apart from this modish and on fleek form of music made out of random dialogues, it was a Pakistani influencer who gained a lot of attention doing a fake English accent, introducing her car, her friends and how they were partying: “Yeh hamari caar hai. Yeh hum hain. Aur yeh hamari pawri horai hai.” 

While Indians and Pakistanis were still ‘pawring’ on the same song, Pakistan got its own Yashraj Mukhate. Recently, Pakistani artist Saad Alavi has turned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s signature phrase “Aapne ghabrana nahi hai” into a rap song and people are not only finding this extremely entertaining but are also loving it.

This clichéd phrase of the Pakistani Prime Minister is actually creating and triggering panic among the countrymen and has crushed their expectations. Amid the rising prices of almost every item in Pakistan, the artist takes a jibe at the inflation caused in the country by asking everyone to discontinue the use of basic commodities like soap and atta (wheat flour) and ignore these products by reminding their Prime Minister’s most famous line – “Aapne ghabrana nahi hai”.

Yashraj Mukhate: Man with a ‘Golden touch’

I think it will be absolutely error-free and justified if I call Yashraj Mukhate a “Man with a Golden touch”. The man has the ability to turn almost all his raps into a massive and tremendous hit on social media.

Who thought that just a simple dialogue of Kokilaben’s from daily soap “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” – “Rasode me kon tha”, will become this popular that almost everyone will dance on it? Mukhate made the dialogue so popular that even Star Plus thought of bringing their show back with Season 2.

Apart from this ‘Rasode me kon tha’ rap video, Mukhate made everyone on the internet go crazy with “Biggini shoot”, “Tuadda kutta Tommy”, “Kya karu me itani Sundar hu to aap hi bataao” and now with “Pawri ho rahi hai”. This meme religion bought in by Memelord Yashraj Mukhate not only creates buzz on social media but is also influencing artists from various parts of world.

Pakistan now has found its own Yashraj Mukhate

It is no doubt that Indians are obsessed with Yashraj Mukhate’s rap videos in which he turns famous dialogues into a music video, but with the latest “Aapne ghabrana nahi” rap song by popular Pakistani music artist and YouTuber, Saad Alavi, it is now quite obvious that this new trend and culture of creating music from random dialogues is gaining a lot of attention even outside India and is also being liked and appreciated by our neighbour, Pakistan.

Alavi drew his inspiration from Imran Khan’s popular dialogue which in past has also inspired many memes. With appropriate lyrics and amazing music, the song is a true example of on-point sarcasm through which the artist is taunting the government of Pakistan for its policies. The song is an honest depiction of how Khan’s statement where he is asking his citizens not to panic is actually creating panic.

Just entertainment or can these raps be directed towards a purpose?

Well, for at least now, these viral rap videos made out of simple dialogues are created in order to entertain social media users. But it’s always important to remember the fact that social media never remains constant and to everybody’s surprise can change and do what nobody even thinks of.

When Yashraj Mukhate, the Indian composer came up with his recent hit – “Pawri ho rahi hai”, the viral track was soon used by Pakistanis to highlight the education of women in Pakistan, specifically of Zara Naeem who broke the world record and became the highest scorer in ACCA examination.

Apart from entertainment and using memes for good reasons these viral tracks can even have the capacity to shake the political grounds of a country. The latest video by Saad Alavi in which he mocked the statement of Khan and spoke about the inflation situation that the nation is suffering from right now seems to be funny but might occur like a serious political satire in near future.

Although when the video when viral, Alavi thanked his viewers and added, “Mein apne room mein akela betha huwa tha ye sab mere ehsaasat hain jo mene is song mein bataaye hain, mein ek artist hoon aur art lover hoon aur artist political nahi hota” (I was sitting in my room alone. I have expressed my feeling in this video. I am an artist and an artist is never political).