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At Electronic Arts (EA) play 2020, EA sports officially announced the FIFA 21 release date. The latest version of the video game for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox One will be coming out on October 9, 2020.

Gamers will be able to ‘feel next level’ on the Xbox series and next-gen PS5 said EA Sports. Pre-order of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champion Edition can be accessed from 6 October 2020.


EA Sports games are generally released in September, this year the Coronavirus pandemic has postponed the release.

EA Sports have confirmed free up-gradation of FIFA 21 from PS 4 to PS 5 and Xbox One to Xbox series. 

New features introduced are:

  1. Controller haptics
  2. Faster loading of operations
  3. Improved visuals
  4. Player moments

 EA Sports, FIFA 21 claims to provide “a whole new level realism”. It promises a dynamic lighting system and well-defined avatars. The improved features for player options, hairstyle kits and uniforms will add value to the user interface.

In India, FIFA Game 21 Standard Edition is expected to be priced at Rs 3,990 on Xbox One, Rs 3,999 on PS4 and PC. The Champion Edition will come in at Rs 5,490 on Xbox One, Rs 5,499 on PC and PS4. The Ultimate Edition costs Rs 6,490 on Xbox One, Rs 6

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